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  1. sigh... it has something to do with the lighning. first pic is overexposed, second looks like direct sunlight. its not easy to catch the true colour. if you are still not sure you have to compare it with another pair.

    Also: leather is a natural product and i have seen 9016's in all shades of cigar but never any coming even close to black cherry.

  2. for the lenght - your big toe must have a little room and shouldn't touch the front, that indicates that the size is too small. its ok if the width feels a little tight, it will stretch and mould to your foot. if they are comfortable when new you might end up with a pair that is too roomy after breaking them in.

  3. Anybody feel like holding the hand of a noob?

    I'm about to make my first foray into the world of leather boots. Exciting! Thinking about Red Wing 9016's.

    I read everywhere that you should size down on Red Wings, but does that hold true if you measure them based on the cm's of your feet? My feet are 27.5 cm's, so that should be a 42.5 - should I go 42? 41.5? I always wear thin socks and don't plan on adding an insole.

    Also, I'm confused about treatment application. Mink oil seems to be a favourite, but should it be used when the boots are brand new, or once they are wearing in? I'm sure both options are used - what are the pro's and cons?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    i am a us 9,5 / 27,5 cm in all my rw's and just for you i tried to measure my feet. they are about 26,5 so i suggest the 27,5 cm are the inside lenght of the boot, which gives you one cm room in the toebox. so you might be a us 10,5.

    don't use mink oil with the featherstone / beckman leather, it will make it greasy and dull ( unless you want that finish ). rw neutral shoecream or any other good quality careproduct for fine shoeleathers will do it.

  4. electrorock put it straight on point. anyway, nothing wrong with pics taken in front of a mirror, some can look pretty good but a flashlight destroys it. and alexx, you sound like a twelve year old ( and lives a life like one, still enjoying the comforts at your dad's home ), about time to grow up and don't waste your time taking utterly stupid pics. i don't mind seeing similar fits in here, thats what this thread is about actually, but the composition of most posts is lacking big style lately. ever wondered why most of the older regulars hardly post anything?

  5. aedressler, i highly doubt that f&e is running its own clothing factory where their shirts, vests, jackets, pants, hats, shoes, bags and other goods are made. i have no problem if you proof me wrong. as it looks like that you live in japan, you might can pay their presumably workshop a visit one day and post a review. but please use your own pics this time.

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