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  1. guys i need a thunderbird division blazer jacket or similar but can't find one anywhere, if anyonew can help me a pm would be much appreciated, cheers

  2. april77058.jpg

    I love that jacket, i want that jacket, i need that jacket! Need some dischords too [29 black/grey] but i just don't know where to get ahold of it all. I tryed and failed at Dover street market :|

  3. Nice little collection bkforever, i am very envious. I am after some dischords and maybe some of the tees, they're really nice. Live in the uk, what would be the best way to get a hold of some oh wise ones of superfuture :D cheers

  4. I kind of agree, think you've really got to size up for a decent fit.

    You mean youv gotta get a size to get over your killer thighs dav.. and thats why i just picked up your ones :D xxxx

  5. Mine fit like that chris's just maybe slightly tighter but only a little, they stack nicely too. Couldn't fit much better, best jeans iv ever slipped into, on the look out for some dischords in blue or black 29" waste maybe if anyones selling some :]

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