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  1. sorry, my use of english was pretty horrible there. 


    somehow "this coming week" [in my mind] described April 21st - 30th... /fail


    anything happening THAT week you know of? ;)


    should i keep my eye on those venues in particular? or even better, might you have any promotion companies that typically handle this genre of EDM whose pages i can look up?


    also, thanks!

  2. hey sufu,


    going to Portland to get eloped this coming week. 


    been plenty of times, so pretty set on all the cheap & chill bars & eats we'd like to hit up, BUT, i'd like some recommendations for the ever-so-elusive house music scene - any specific recommendations for spots to hit up for some potentially minimal, deep, & groovy step-touching with my forever lady?


    thanks in advance sirs & madams! 

  3. Yeah, I figured. Is it worth it/possible to take to small claims court?


    for the record, yes. 


    most people aren't familiar with the process of suing / threatening legal action, but it's quite long, and you rarely need to [if ever] actually GO to court. 


    the first step is called a demand letter. you can download templates online for this, and it always looks best sent on a legal firm's letterhead [got failed actor friends in law school? ;)]. 


    you write a letter, explaining your demands [in this case, give me my stolen property back, or my money - you choose!], when they need to be met, and that if they fail to meet them, they can expect to be sued in small claims court. 


    it then goes on to explain how much this will cost them in legal fees when they lose, and how it will PERMANENTLY affect their credit et al.


    trust me [ed: really], they work.

  4. how many times do i need to tell people, send a god damn demand letter to their address in Sweden. 


    in the letter, outline the terms of your demands;


    "return my product, or reimburse me for the money you stole" or you will take them to small claims court. 


    then inform them that should the judge rule against them, they will be responsible for covering all court-related costs [read: $$$$], as well as be issued a permanent black mark on their credit history. 


    trust me, gets shit done - and calling the police is not going to help in an international situation like this.

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