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  1. Aw come on! You believe that? The only team who does those cutesy one touch passing with aplomb is Barca and Arsenal is a copy of that. When one talks about one touch passing, its Barca and after this Champ Leagues run, Arsenal in 2nd place. Chel is a distant third to Arsenal. If Wigan is in the picture, where is Bolton then?

    Arsenal lost because of Fabianski having a case of the butter fingers and dropping the ball on Bramble's head for him to head into goal and the 3 defenders not knowing how to close down N'Zogbia. Of course, Arsenal should have wrapped up the game much earlier but that is footy for you.

    When I saw Fabianski was playing together with Sol, I knew Wigan had a chance but even I couldnt see Arsenal capitulating a 2 goals lead.

    Wenger obviously needs to rethink what he has to do next season. Whether to put in more seasoned performers or continue the same path. Whatever it is, this season must be a watershed year for him since he promised silverwear to the AGM but failed again. Next season will have more changes in store for them.

  2. Why? Because I slam your beloved Spurs?

    Look. In the beginning of the season, with their 1st team, Chel annihilated Spurs 3-0. In yesterday's match, Chel was sleepwalking and missing their key players like Ashley, Essien and Bosginwa. Chel didnt play well against Bolton at the Bridge and I pointed out Drogs wasnt 100%. Chel was clearly in the descent. I dont know why. Maybe they thought after United, the BPL was theirs.

    Didnt see the Arsenal match but I recall Arsenal dominated possession but clearly lacked the edge with many of their 1st team out. And realistically, Arsenal wont win the BPL anyway. Although they gave us all a bit of a scare.

    Spurs always have a complex about them and while they think or aspire themselves to be top 4 material or champions, they always fall short and Arry doesnt strike me as the managerial genius who will bring them there and world class players? Erm. Some but not all. And didnt Spurs spend tons on transfer fees, on par with the other top 4 over the past few years? And what did that bring em? I bet their wage bill is astronomical with so many B listers on their bench. I hope Spurs wont collapse under their wage bill like what happened to Pompey.

    But SAF smell blood and their remaining matches are easier than Chel. Spurs and Sunderland and Stoke are nothing to them.

    Chel should drop points in Kop as well and SAF will win his BPL title and Carling Cup and Chel will win their FA Cup.

    So all ends well in BPL. Oh. Man City will finish 4th. Probably beat Spurs in doing so. If United dont demolish them first. Sorry. Thats how the top 4 roll.

  3. Chel played badly. Drogs hernia acted up and he couldn't chase the bal.. Carlo should swop positions between him and Nico and let Nico play target man instead. Dont know what is the rest's excuse for playing so poorly. Although I think Ivanovic aint near 100%. But that doesnt explain why their right flank was exposed continuously when JT was off. Spurs could have won 5 or 6-1 given the clear chances they missed.

    And JT being sent off shows Chel are still sore losers when things dont go their way. Same as when Ballack was sent off in the City game.

    SAF in line for a record 4th consec BPL title, knock Pool off their f**king perch and set a record of being a champion despite losing 7 matches in a season, just as I predicted. Spurs cant beat them in OT even if they can resurrect the ghosts of Ledley, Lennon, Kranjar and play all their 23 players in OT. United is so much better than Spurs even without Bobby. They beat Spurs 3-0 in WHL this season already.

  4. it's my fault you scum won, I wasn't watching. Oh, the regret of another trophyless season. But seriously, kudos to your lad Gomes, another great performance, and I hope that isn't the high point of Danny Rose's career, what a belter!

    Gomes is as bad as Almunia on their worse days. But I was amazed Spurs can beat Arsenal since the former would inevitably choke against the big 4. Lets see whether they can do Gunners a favour by reducing the deficit to 3 points by beating Chel this weekend.

  5. I saw Fellaini outside the Bernabeu a quarter-hour before el Clasico was to begin...that's all.

    Probably trying to score some tix. With his skill level, doubt he can make it as a ball boy for either teams. But then Julian Faubert was on Real last season.

  6. Kinda like me but quit in the 90s... and gotback a few yrs ago... I tried getting into Marvel but did get lost... Get Daredevil from Bendis' run onwards, get Cap by Brubaker and Ennis' Punisher... I tried to do the X-titles again and stated with Astonishing but that really didn't deliver... the rest of the titles suffer from the reason I dumped 'em a decade ago i.e. silly cross-overs with an endless cast written/drawn by subpar creators resulting in poor character development and reptetitititive scenario's. Don't even fuckin try and get into the Avengers plots...

    I would recommend Grant Morrison's New X-Men run and his JLA run too. Love his work with Quitely and will get that combo in almost everything they did together from All Star Superman to X-Men to Authority to WE3 to JLA Earth 2.

    Joss Whedon's Astonishing X aint too bad. So was Warren Ellis' Ghost Box.

    Bendis' New Avengers aint too bad and his dialogue is good.

    JM Straczinski's Spiderman is excellent but I think they have been wiped off continuity.

    Jeph Loeb's Ultimatum is good for his wiping off the entire Marvel Universe but writing is mediocre. Art is fantastic though.

    52 by I think Grant Morrison is good too. But his Countdown to Final Crisis is confusing as hell.

    Brubaker/Fractions' Iron Fist is great. Who would have thought a B grade hero killed off many times can be so cool.

    Tons of good stuff and there aint no need to follow continuity from ages ago and the stories don't end with a cliff-hanger forcing you to buy more books and tie-ins.

  7. Civil War was mediocre as dick. I heard a lot of shit got retconned too. (thats the term right?)

    Dum you could follow civil war ok, and planet hulk and world war hulk. i second 78's recs as well.

    Well, Civil War was built up for sometime but was a let down. Bendis cant do big ensemble work and his House of M is a let down too except it created tons of tie-ins. Leinil Yu's art was horrible as well.

    In fact I thought Morrison's Final Crisis was fine including killing off the New Gods and making Batman into BatCaveman.

    World War Hulk was only good due to Romita Jr's art.

  8. The final 5 matches of BPL would be great. With all top 3 teams going all out to salvage their seasons, Chel may not be able to take all domestic honour.

    Man U may still go all out to at least get something out of it like being the champ. Fantastic!

  9. hmmm, 3 scum injured - 2 with potentially serious injuries. where's wenger complaining about barca's anti-football?

    The reality is even with all 4 first team regulars out. Spurs wont win at WHL this season vs Arsenal unless Sol suffers another breakdown. After being let down by Spurs too often, we gotta rely on the Manc to make it 4th this season. Sorry.

  10. Actually I dont know why you knock Arsh. He is the same height as Tevez and no one knocks Tevez for being short and Tevez scores tons of goals from his head. Just that Arsenal is not smart punting long balls to Arsh in the penalty area when he is surrounded by 6' 4 defenders.

  11. 1. Young Theo played in 2nd half. He is English.

    2. Barca couldnt score in 1st half due to Ibra who couldnt score against Cheryl even if she was pissed at Ashley and drunk. If Henry played 1st half, Barca would have sewn up the match and the leg at Nou Camp would be an exhibition of Barca's up and coming talents. BTW I did point out about Ibra's suckness here. He didnt even score against an English side before this match.

    3. The legend of RVP is exagerated with every day he is off the pitch. Just like Lennon.

    4. Also pointed out about Bendtner's suckiness here as well. Missed tons of chances in the match. His standard is good enough for the likes of Spurs and Villa but not for the really big boys. Hell, even Bobby Z is scoring regularly in Europe. Danish footballer of the year. Hah!

  12. Arsene must be insane if he thinks they can outplay Barca even at the Emirates. He should have watched the countless videos of how Man U, Pool, Chel played or drawed with Barca over the years. He should also watch how Arsenal lead Barca 1-0 for like 70 or 80 min years ago in the finals. He should then seek to frustrate Barca at every turn. Instead, they have been exposed as the poor man’s Barca which makes teams like Burnley and Wolves worse than Xerxes in La Liga.

    And now with Cesc out for rest of the season and even World Cup and Willie G out, the next leg will be gang rape on an epic proportion in Camp Nou. Cant imagine how Sol with his lead legs can stop the Barca attack.

    So overnight, they will get knocked out in Champ League and I doubt they will even make it 2nd in BPL. Chel must be laughing their heads off.

  13. IMO Utd's EPL and CL title chances ride on Rooney being fit. Not saying they don't have any real fire power but the bloke's been in ridiculous form and winning games for them like no one else this season.

    Chelsea will be fired up for the game on the weekend, they know this is a must win and most likely the game that could turn the odds for the title in their favour.

    Likewise with Bayern, surely they'd be favourites to progress if Rooney is gone and Robben is fit?

    Chel will have to chase the game, Man U need not. Even with a draw, Man U will still be 2 points ahead of Arsene even if he wins and Arsene, after getting hammered by Barca, may not even win this weekend but probably will. Gunners under 12 can beat Mick's 1st team Wolves at the Emirates anytime.

    Normally, teams after an away Euro game will drop points but SAF will just sit back and send Park, Nani and Valencia on the counter-attack and even a dummy cardboard cut-out of Bobby can tap the ball in from one of their crosses.

    I predict Man U not to lose. Chel will drop points in OT, the former 3 Points Lane and the KOP. Chel to come in 2nd and Man U will be BPL champs for 4 times in a row. Think thats a first for SAF as well. Yay.

  14. Man U should still make it to the semis. They just need 1 goal lead in OT and they are through. The French teams should be cannon fodder for them so they would likely go to their third final in a row which will be a record and Fergie has another chance to correct his tactical errors last season against Barca.

    Fergie will win his 3rd Champs League medal if Arsenal, CSKA or Inter goes to the finals. Can't imagine what C Ron will think when they lift their Euro medal in Bernabeau. Probably realised he should stay if he wants another Euro medal.

    Man U should have enough to win BPL even without Bobby. They just need to draw with Chel at OT which should be easy, even with Owen as the sole striker.

  15. What makes you certain Chamakh will come in? I thought the dude is a bit old for Wenger's standards and would command high-ish wages, which would also be against Wenger's footie-business model. I bet other teams would be looking to sign him like City and offer him more than what Gunners would offer him.

    Anyway, with RVP, (Get) Bendt, Arshavin and maybe Eduardo if he gets his head and everything right, Wenger already got his 4 main strikers. Plus wingers like Rosicky and young Theo and the rest of the gang who can score goals except for Almunia, Wenger should be covered in the goals department.

    If I were him, I would cash in on Willie G who is getting on and frankly not good for team morale. You obviously cant rely on Silvestre or (horrors!) Sol. I will also look for more battling midfielders. Think Nasri and Denilson are a bit too light weight for me.

    And of course, Almunia. He should have been sold years ago and Fabianski should be loaned out to get some footballing brains and sold if he still is a football mental midget.

    And who can forget Eboue. What on earth is he still doing in the squad? I cant believe Jose wanted him for Inter. The rumour probably has the same credence as Jose wanting Jenas.

  16. 1. Bendtner? I hope you mentioned him tongue in cheek.

    Despite his current form, Arsene will still be hoping RVP returns early and if RVP is cronked for good, Arsene will source for some obscure lower league striker, turn him into a world beater and sell him to Man City for 35 million pounds.

    2. Your points about man-managing and stroking Drogs' ego is on-point. Not surprisingly, I have raised that too earlier.

    Scolari for some reason favoured Nico (probably Nico played Brazillian style) and as a result Drogs didnt put in any effort for him.

    3. I know what position Essien sucks in - central defender. He had a nightmare at the Kop and conceded 2 goals.

    4. As for Ashley, he should just go to Barca or Real and team up with C Ron and bang all the mama sitas not nailed down and send his nude pictures via vodafone to everyone.

    Ashley passes and crosses into the box are good but historically, he isnt a good finisher and his lack of goals tell the story. And you can't blame it on him being left back. He gets in advance positions so often, I will play both him and Bosingwa as wingers if the chips are down.

    5. Villa always looks a bit small to me. I know Wenger and Barca always go on about the age of small and skilful players but after playing at the Britannia where Huth and Shawcross professionally fouls him and knocks him loopy, then we will know how good Villa is.

    At least Nando is tall. But he bitches constantly to the refs when he gets foul. I wonder whether his constant injuries woes are due to the rough treatment he gets in BPL.

  17. Surely any team would welcome Dropba. I still think he is the best striker in the world right now.

    1. At 31 years, not much golden years left for him. Thought he will make a good centre back after his scoring touch is gone but dont know his tackling prowess in the box.

    2. I will get Messi or C Ron before Drogs. And Bobby Wazza and Nando and even RVP who is still young.

  18. Of all Chelsea's squad only Cashley and of course Essien would be welcomed into any team in the world.

    Essien - Chel will keep him but his getting injured again may raise serious doubts. But end of the day, I will still keep him but I doubt anyone will build a team around him as the midfield dynamo.

    Ashley - 29 years but probably among the best left back. But at his age, time to cash in plus I mentioned he was unhappy about being fined for fucking behind Cheryl's back when JT wasn't fined.

  19. As much as Roman hate to spend another 100 million pounds (and pay his good pals Zahavi and other agents money), he got to face facts that Chel is a class below Barca, Man U, Arsenal (gasp) and the 21st BPL team, Inter.

    Old age and lack of mobility are clear culprits but you got that right about Arnesen. Even Mikel, whom I think is the youngest 1st teamer is goal shy and can be let go. Wonder will SAF want him now?

    As for Lamps, though he is played out of position in the diamond, he is another Geriatrico and lacks speed too. In fact, no one other than Ashley and Nico has speed. Compare that over the weekend to Nani, Valencia or Wazza or even Rafael who didnt play.

    Agree with JT. Should have squeezed 35 million from City for him and we can have the fiasco of 2 defenders in City not talking to one another like the modern telling of Teddy and Andy. Look at Wenger. Sold malaria stricken Kolo for was it 20 million and got Vermaelen who is a damn good goal scoring acquisition.

    Cant wait for the new Chel (same as the old one), since Roman must have realised his present Chel simply cant be top dogs no more.

    Cant wait for the new Man City too. They should get rid of everyone except for Tevez, Manny and maybe Dejong, Givens and Petrov. Maybe Johnson and Micah.

    More of these 'stars' will end up playing for Spurs and Bolton and Rovers and Newcastle when they return and continue their freakshow as the great 'big club' with big aspirations for our entertainment.

    Damn good time to be watching BPL!

  20. Well, if the rumours are true, there will be a great Chel sale after this season. From the looks of it, Chel is looking less likely to win the BPL and winning the FA Cup is certainly not good enough.

    From the first team, I bet Carv, Ballack will go. So will Ashley (if he doesnt toe the line and accept the fine for fucking around) and J Cole and Nico both of whom are asking for big salaries and extensions at frigging 30 years of age. Although Nico is still quick like a fox.

    Then, there will be the question of those like Lamps, JT and Drogs (according to was it JT? They are the anchors of Chel which made Chel great?)

    And of course Carlo if he doesnt show the spirit of a winner like Jose.

    Gonna be exciting times at Chel next season.

    BTW C Ron and Messidonna in the same team in the flanks would so rawk. If you put an on form Nando as the central striker or maybe Wazza, although not sure about him as a lone striker, this will be a strike force enough to make the Sheikh and Roman salivate.

  21. Er, I recall C Ron was slammed early in his career for one step over to many, his causing Bobby to get carded at Germany 2006 (wink to Scolari at bench), SAF has to get Carlos Queroz to get him to stay cos C Ron was so unhappy and I believe Ruud instigated the other Man U players to turn against him due to his selfish non passing ways (At that time C Ron aint the whole f**king show) and SAF have to get rid of a 20 goals a season hero for C Ron. Of course, SAF’s gamble paid off. C Ron gave him his 2nd Champ League medal and another final appearance (which SAF screwed up).

    So C Ron lacked the maturity and he needed SAF and team to mould him to what he is. Of course when you cost 80 million pounds, you will start even if you suck like Kaka.

    The truth about why Barca wanted Ibra will probably never be known till years later. Anyway, I wonder whether Roman will trade Ibra for Drogs. Maybe not.

  22. Oh yah. I know Ibra scored the goal in El Classico. But it was such an easy goal (think Alves hit a cross and Real defence was sleeping), Henry who was just got subbed could have got it even if he was not 100% and so can Geovanni (rated the worst Barca striker of ALL TIME).

    And when he scored for Barca in this seasons Champ League, I almost choked when they said it was his first Champ League goals at that stage?

    Barca legend? 40 million? I think he is not as good as Grandpa Thierry. Maybe on par with Eidur.

  23. They bought Ibra because in spite of their form last season they were lacking a plan b against tough well organised opposition. Considering how close Chelsea came to denying them their place in the final, I imagine Pep felt that with Eto'o declining he needed a new spearhead. In terms of tough, tall, powerful centre forwards only Drogba and Ibra have the potential to fit into that Barca team in terms of their technical ability, and Ibra was available. I'm willing to bet that after a first dodgy season he will become a goal machine over the next two or three years.

    Kaka on the other hand,yes he has been poor, though I feel at Milan the rest of the side flattered to deceive. Their age, and Ancelotti's decision to build the formation around him, made him look much more influential and dangerous than he's able to be alongside a highly assertive player like Ronaldo, who always wants the ball at his feet, and is generally a more aggressive type of person. If Ronaldo's ability was able to eclipse Rooney at United, it would be unfair on Kaka to dismiss him without considering that this might be the case at Real, and that this highlights another flaw in the golactico dream. Also, while I think Kaka was marvelous at Milan, he's a bit of a sanctimonious bible bashing cunt isn't he?

    1. I beg to differ. Eto'o was out of contract and thats why Barca gave him away to Jose almost free (who incidentally adored him and wanted him together with Drogs in Chel; imagine the awesomeness of that combo. Will blow Drogs-Nico out of the water. Imagine Drogs rolling in fake agony and Eto'o being a super prick ala Diouf and Marscherano multiplied by 10. Will get carded every match).

    Pep is funny in a sense. In the start, he didnt want Eto'o. Eto'o proved pivotal in their 6 trophy campaign (which Barca cannot repeat this season) and he let Eto'o go. Pep apparently can tolerate alot of things from his players, but you gotta do what he says and Eto'o may not do so. That explains why he was happy to take in trouble maker Robinho except for his big salary and transfer fee.

    As for Ibra, for a mature player, doubt he will change in his time with Barca. Compare to Valencia. Scored what 3 goals in 3,000 matches with Wigan? Now he is a frigging goal machine? Pep is better off with Drogs the battering ram but Drogs is a bit old for Barca now.

    2. Kaka is gold.

    C Ron is unbeatable because La Liga aint know how to deal with him. BPL players know how to foul him and piss him off. If you dont do that, he is really too quick and slippery and he will run all over you.

    C Ron eclipse Bobby Wazza simply because SAF wanted C Ron to be the top dog. He played in centre (for a winger?) and Bobby played wide? I mean WTF? C Ron took all penalties too. C Ron might as well be captain instead of Rio and all Man U players kiss his pinkie before they take to the pitch.

    Now with C Ron gone, Bobby is front and centre and shine. BTW I already said early this season Bobby will shine. Bobby was not outshone by C Ron. They are different types of players. C Ron is smooth and silky. His free kicks are awsome. Bobby is more of a hard worker and his free kicks are errrrr. Both penalty techniques can be dodgy though.

    Bobby you would note took penalty duties on Sun. This season, I recall Carrick did it and Giggsy I think. This shows how much SAF wants to stoke Bobby's ego and let me beat C Ron's 42 goals mark.

    In short, C Ron and Kaka are different types of players. Kaka needs to have a free attacking role. C Ron can hit the flanks like Henry for Barca. But with C Ron front and centre, throw in Higuain and Benzema and Raul and VDV in the hole, Kaka gets crowded out and loses more and more confidence.

    But I hope Kaka leaves Real though (unlikely unless Real really wants to sell). We can see him playing in Man City or Chel (if Carlo stays).

    How is Kaka sanctimonious?

  24. kaka's form has been pretty caca as well.

    Yes. I am aware Kaka is caca. But class is forever but form is temporary.

    And who can forget the rainswept night in San Zero where Kaka like a frigging shark with 2 or 3 Man U defenders/parasites stuck to him managed to score 2 goals against VDS (a top european and international GK) and propelled AC to another Champs League winners medal.

    Kaka got tons to offer and he aint washed up like Ronaldinho. If Real sells him, Carlo and Roman will grab him and build Chel around him. Real is more likely to sell Benzema than Kaka.

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