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  1. what did you do to those cuffs???

    neg repped.

    well, not actually negged per se...more like, withheld +rep that i would normally give to balance the -reps given to balance the undeserved girl reps

    Is this the new, cool thing to do?

  2. do you people not fucking read or look around the site at all? theres gotta be like 500 threads talking about where you can get Common Projects. jesus christ


    Not to mention there's a damn Common Projects website that has all of the stockists listed!

    What is it about forums that make people lazy?

  3. Yea, that's my guess too. Those pants in look 5 and 7 are definitely from mainline; It always seems he uses some mainline pieces in the drkshdw shoots so I definitely wouldn't doubt it.

    I'm amped there's finally going to be a US store though....much easier to find shit for Fall.

  4. I'm still trying to figure out if that big hooded coat is from the mainline collection just mixed in, or if it's a waxed cotton version of the coat he did for Exploder just he moved it into the drkshdw line....not sure yet.

    Either way, I hope he does the short version of it again because that jacket was the one of the illest.

    Overall I love this collection, I do wish however that he would do some of the experimental stuff for the Men. Those asymmetrical denim jackets for women are insane.

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