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  1. are you montreal folks going to the justice show on the 19th?

    are the tickets sold out?

    The first show is sold out, but it looks like they've added a second show, immediately after the first one. Doors open for the second show at midnight. There are still tickets available for the second show, as far as I know. Not sure if I'm going or not, yet.

    edit: oops, Kasper beat me to it

  2. shucks i was supposed to go to boys noize but bailed out at the last minute.

    all my roomates just left for toronto so everybody can party at my place. its right off st.laurent and prince arthur.

    You could come meet us and maybe we could head over there after? I'm sure we'll need to leave Ste Elisabeth to grab some food at some point. (At least I know I will.)

  3. there's 2 ikea, one in montreal (close to where i work...) and the other in the suburbs...

    holt and influence U both carry April 77 but i have no idea if they have the models you have in mind

    poshpol: how can you go to IKEA and eat anything else than swedish meatballs and their awesome cinnamon buns is beyond me ;)

    Heh. I think he answered your question in his post:

    IKEA is fuuuuuunnnn. I like to go baked, spend the afternoon walking around aimlessly touching everything and there is a cool resto in there with fish n chips :P

  4. So when do we meet and where? I gotta head out soon to hang around and drink coffee (very important stuff).

    If worse come to worse kasper call me with the place and date and PM Mass, his cell is out of minutes.

    Let's say 6:30 at Ste-Elisabeth? Kasper sent me your cell numbers and I sent him mine, so I guess I can call if I don't see you guys on the terrasse. And I guess I could PM my cellphone number to sistersuzie so she can join up later on.

  5. i think he was joking since we've all sort of seen each other or posted pics...

    anyway, just to make sure, pm me you email and i'll send our cell phone numbers just in case

    Alright, I'll print out the Sidney Lo photo and carry that as a visual reference.

  6. I could lie and say Boys noize sucked but it was truly great; they played crowd pleasing songs from 12:30 to closing!!!. The crowd was kinda too "gay meat market" for me though, which didn't use to be the case on thursdays at parking.

    I'm up for meeting tonight at Laika, though I agree terrasses could be fun.

    Alright, so we could just go somewhere with a terrasse first (or instead). Do you guys have any favorites? Le Ste-Elisabeth's terrasse is nice and last time I went, they had some very cheap pints for the 5 a 7 crowd.

  7. Yeah, he was joking, he just wanted fuuma (we sometimes refer to him as the cheval, depending on the circumstances) so badly. Im still up for mostly anything that doesn't require too much $$.

    Haha. That joke went so far over my head that I didn't even see it pass.

    Ok, well I'm up for anything as well, so I guess we could just pick a place. What about Laika for some drinks? We could meet at 8, or even a little earlier and sistersuzie could just come meet us at 8.

  8. the pits? uhh

    Haha, let's save the fistfight for the meetup. It'll make for better pictures for the meetup thread, I'm sure.

    How does next week look for you guys? Pretty much any evening but Friday works for me.

  9. that would be cool

    where would you guys like to meet up?

    I live in the south/west of the island.

    I don't really know of any upcoming events that'd be good for this kind of thing, but maybe we could do a 5 à 7 or something if we can find a spot we can all get to easily.

    Would somewhere downtown or on the plateau work for everyone?

  10. ggggglp3.jpg

    Hello All

    1st WAYWT


    sadly, i am just a rusted leaf that follows wherever the wind is blowing. this time five years ago i was probably wearing baggy jeans and a jacket two sizes too big for me and two years ago i looked down on all who wore skinny jeans as emo losers who couldn't deal with the fact they either loved the cock or couldn't get the cock. oh well

    Damn. Those are some, um... unique.. usernames.

  11. Ahhh, I highly highly recommned the "Fiasco" episode, genius. I think it may be from 99/2000...

    Quoted for complete truth. The stories in this episode about the community production of Peter Pan, and Margy Rochlin's interview with Moon-Unit Zappa are just amazing.

    The 20 Acts in 60 Minutes episode is also great. Particularly Tate Donovan's story.

  12. I've got an M3 DS Simply. How does the R4 compare to it? Some quick googling seems to imply that they're practically the same thing.

    EDIT: Forgot to list games. Been playing Mario Kart, Brain Age (the Sudoku mini game is great for passing the time when you only have 10-15 minutes to kill) and Tetris lately. Finished all the other games and none of the others are as much fun to re-play.

  13. ARE YOU NUTS???

    Have you read Ellis? The guy's the main reason I still read comics once a year. His shit is soooooo well written - he has REAL concepts that matter today and takes this whole superhero concept and flips it on itself to create what I find a version/take on where The Weathermen left back in the 80s with Moore. His runs on Stormwatch/Authority & Planetary are phenomenal. His Global Frequency was awesome. And his b&w work for Avatar is suhhhweeeeeeeeet. And even tho I dig Transmet it did get a bit too self indulgent.

    FUCK. Looks like Marvel's gonna get some more of my $.... bastards!

    Has anyone else read Ellis's novel (Crooked Little Vein)? I bought it and read it in a couple of days. If you like his comic work, you're bound to enjoy the novel. It's very much in his style. I do have to agree with sushijerk, though. Most of the characters he writes tend to speak in the same voice. In fact, that's just how he is. I don't know if anyone else used to frequent his forum on Delphi (yeah yeah, big geek here. I webmastered his website and helped moderate the forums for a while, even...) but that's what his posts there were like too.

    In any case, Ellis, Garth Ennis and Brian Wood are pretty much the only comic writers whose stuff I'll pick up without a second thought.

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