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  1. 75% EVERYTHING in store at Generra in NYC. APC, Woolrich, Surface to Air, etc.

    Went before lunch today. Only saw NS cuts for APC and nothing under 32. Not much left as the store was only 25% mens anyway. Only outerwear was Woolrich + John Rich bros, some Relwen, and one Hayden Yoo overcoat in XL. Did not see any actual WWM. Some sweaters left (Acne, Rachel Comey, Cardigan) in M to XL.

    Probably more worth it for women as they have easily 2x the mens selection plus some bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc...

  2. I feel like Osama has really been out of American consciousness a couple of years now. I work in NYC and I'm not even that psyched about the news.

  3. Read this before you decide to go to law school: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/09/business/09law.html?_r=1

    The MIchael Wallerstien quotes from that article were so hilariously sad. Props to bottom tiered law schools though for getting enough chumps who are blinded by the prestige of any law degree to pony up all that tuition.

    When I read these types of articles I almost never feel bad for the students. If you are the type to believe a business administration degree from DeVry can get you 100K+ jobs on Wall Street without doing your own research you deserve the debt.

  4. Murray's is a real good shop. Super knowledgeable and friendly people behind the counter with a huge selection. I actually don't like cheese but stop by a lot because they also have a big selection of sodas and specialty foods.

  5. Yo fuck these asian bitches on Yelp. Shit is distracting as hell. I just want a couple of words on if the food/ambiance is good. I don't need to know what class you were on your way to or how your fucking date went. This shit ain't your blog.

    I don't want to wade through 10+ insecure ass asian girls just to find out if ppl think if Casa Mono is still good. Nice tits though. Is the plateholding overhead food shot the new myspace angle?

  6. I haven't seen any discussion in here so far about the Motorola Atrix, which is coming out relatively soon. A dual-core processor (1GHz a core) that can also be used to power a netbook/laptop? Really looking forward to purchasing this when it comes out in March. :o


    I'm excited by the specs and concept of the Atrix, but I still basically see it as a piece of bait to screw people out of their money. The phone and laptop dock bundle is $600 on contract with a $100 mail in rebate (who the fuck still does that?), Plus buying the Atrix forces you to add a tethering plan, which is especially asinine since the entire concept of the phone is that it is your one primary mobile device, so wtf are you tethering it to?

    Motorola is going to put their own UI on this, which with laptop/media center mode is only going to make it even slower to update to new versions of Android. Combined with the fact that this is on ATT, which has proven it does not give a fuck about customers at all once the contract is signed, I can see the Atrix causing massive buyer remorse 6 months in. Considering that I can buy an off contract Xoom tablet for the price of the Atrix +laptop/media bundle accessories WITH a bloated monthly contract, the Atrix seems like a massive sucker play.

    My main beef with all Android phones is that every single carrier/manufacturer will make every single promise to get you to buy the hottest current phone, then 3 months later they have no obligation to uphold any of it.

  7. The Arktis parka http://www.fjallraven.com/outdoor-equipment/Jackets/Arktis-Parka

    Warmest thing I've ever tried on. Thanks for the tip though. I'll just try and layer my way through it.

    You can get this for $50 cheaper at Context. The previous version of this parka is actually the one I bought for my parents. Same design except it was filled with synthetic microloft instead of actual down. Retail was around $500. Even with the down that's a pretty big price increase.

  8. can you outdoorsy heads help me out here?

    i'm travelling around the midwest in january for 11 days and im scared my EG parka isnt going to cut it. i want to stay warm but be able to move around and not be completely stifled by a massive coat.

    i checked out a parka at Fjallraven which I was pretty pleased with, but i have no idea about their quality, and whether there is a better alternative for the price (the one i saw was 795 which seems steep).

    tldr version: fjallraven = good or bad for the price? is there a cheaper-but-still-high-quality coat out there?

    What Fjallraven parka is 795? I remember the most expensive piece being the down coat (700-ish), which is definitely the most hardcore down jacket I have ever seen but can't imagine needing unless I'm out hiking in below zero temps.

    The Fjallraven parkas I bought for my parents were good for $300 on sale last year but imho Fjallraven retail is a ripoff. I'd just layer thermals and fleece/down shirt under your EG or get a Canada Goose parka and save 2 bills.

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