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  1. Does anybody have the persimmon, tea or cement dyed Okinawas? The last few pairs left are one size up from my indigo Okis, but the sizing chart seems to indicate the special edition ones ran smaller. Any truth to this?

    I have the mud dyed okis and the regular okis. It is hard to compare sizing though since the mud dyed ones are a 34 and the regular okis are a 32. But I will say that the 34 mud dyed ones definitely feel like they are 2 sizes up. Hope that helps.

    Also, more pics of those rainbows please!

  2. If i'm not mistaken, natural indigo can look pretty brownish green in water. I bet a decent amount of that tint is just the indigo.

  3. Yeah, those look like they are going to be amazing. Just look at the evo on any of the notorious japanese pairs (grail eternals or ryu's canes). The best contrast emerges over time.

  4. ^i'm actually gonna stop by nyadorned this weekend.

    my other choices are:

    regino gonzales

    myles karr

    john reardon

    anyone else wants to recommend good black and grey artist in ny/nj ??

    reardon is awesome. he did my forearm.

  5. Having decided to get a pair of the 01xx cut, I'm a little unsure of what size to get. I'm currently wearing Nom de Guerre jeans as a slim fit, so can't really measure them and compare...

    Has anyone got any suggestions for similar fitting jeans I could try on at a shop, and then from that work out the right size for the Ooe jeans?


    If you have decided on the 01xx cut I would measure your waist, round up to the nearest whole number, and order that size. My true waist measures around 33.5 and my size 34s fit perfect. I think most of the denim they have is fairly soft and stretchy so you shouldn't have any problems. Another more or less comparable method would be to size up 2 from whatever non-vanity size you normally wear. I take a 32 in most other repro brands.

  6. definitely not a 47s cut....

    the 01xx is much wider in the seat..... i think it's closer to a 50s cut.. or even the 30s...

    Depends on whose 47 cut... Definitely more fitted in the seat than sugarcane's 47 cut. WAY more fitted than a 30's cut. I'd agree that it is a bit more 50's, but the legs don't really have any taper at all; pretty straight. Also, the 01xx doesn't have much hipflare (if sized appropriately), so in that sense, resembles a 47 a little more than most 55 style repros.

  7. If I'm a 33 in Eternal 811 and SDA 103, should I go with a 32 in the S0500XX?

    I would say yes for a normal fit. I have a 34 in eternals (could have fit a 33), my 32 SDA 103s are pretty damn snug, and my 31 500s used to be pretty snug as well but they have stretched out. I kind of wished I would have gone for a 32 in them for a slightly less slim fit. Anyway, you would probably fit either, with the 32 being more comfortable.

  8. 505XII uses the texas denim? I thought they were using a smoother textured denim similar to the old 505 and the USA model (deadstock 505 denim). Are there ridiculously large warp slubs that the texas denim has? Could we get some more detail shots?

  9. Case in point: picture next to my WH 660s (which, admittedly, are a very blue denim) The lighting sucks and the color isn't very accurate, but you get the idea about the greencast.


  10. ^^ The color on those look waaaay different than my sorahikos. Mine are very very greencast. Got them in tokyo in 2005. Wonder if they have used different denim in different years...?

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