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  1. caved and pre-ordered a ps4 and killzone. haven't wanted to buy a console in a long time

    I swapped from a PS4 to an XBOX one after they announced they would change their policies.  



    As for GTA V I'm not even sure I'm gonna bother with it since it's being released so close to the new console explosion.  I'll probably not even give it the time it needs so may just skip it. 

  2. I killed a Juggernaut almost entirely by myself from range with a silenced gun the first time I saw one. doesnt seem all that strong to me but I havent seen another since.

    I did this this morning, plowed away at him and had last chance on so when he got me finally he turned and l laid into him from behind and put him down, those things are a pain in the ass.

  3. thanks, for the compliments guys!!! I'll be posting in the snow thread as soon as I set foot on my board...first day is really soon, next week maybe. Jeep has 5 inches lift and major upgrades, nothing is stock at all, those are 37's I can snap more shots if you guys want to see. Personally I like the soft top better but it's too damn cold for that now.

  4. This is the Samurai Heavy Weight Dual Prong Belt (A-104) I purchased this and oiled it once, it's just too much belt for my tastes, the only bit of wear is the indigo that's rubbed off on the inside which isn't a lot. It also had 2 extra holes added by a leathersmith to make it smaller for me. The belt itself measures 43" in length total end to end. from middle holes to end it measures 37.5 inches. I'm asking $150.00 for it.



    there are no marks on the leather whatsoever.


    size marking