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  1. are you actually wearing them around your waist? 31 true to size or you went down?

    i found when i put the 28's on, it hugged my waist, i could still fit a finger and have some slight movement, in the waist band, but they were pretty much skinny hugging all round. dunno if theres enough denim to even get any slouch ha

  2. i have the same problem with shearers, i get can a 28 buttoned up at my actual waist but not where i want to wear them. still tossing up between 28 and 29.

    probably need to note, that it takes alot of effort to actually get in to the 28's and extreme tensing of the stomach to get the top button done. and im of athletic build.

    29 is still tight but i little roomier already.

  3. just received this Triumvir jacket as a present, however its just a tad too tight. looking for similar style jackets in S or M. or at least 20inches at chest. this S in Triumvir is 18inches around the chest and while its a fucking awesome jacket is just annoyingly slightly small. im not a big guy, probably perfect size are smediums if they exist.

    if by any chance someone has a Medium willing to trade or even sell me or knows of one hit me up. im retarded with pictures so ill just link to

    http://www.karmaloop.com/products.asp?ProductID=16277&VendorCode=TRM thats the jacket.

  4. Unworn brand new Staple New Era 'pidgeon dunk'

    size is 7 1/4

    i bought it and havent worn it. very limited runs of these around the world.

    bought for 100aud. looking to get close to what i paid for it.

    will ship to states for 80USD.

    otherwise local sydney siders can pick up or have it shipped it out.

    offers welcome.



  5. hi, looking to find these a home, i've worn the 10 deep tee once, and the jacket once around the house but decided it wasnt for me. the Jacket is extremely warm and pretty stand out ish with the denim pattern and the t5s elbow patches it likes to use. The 10 Deep sneaker cross tee is pretty much soldout everywhere and extremely hard to find.

    i am located in sydney, prices include shipping. the tee was bought 90 australian and the jacket 160 australian.

    10 Deep Size S $35 US OBO , Triple 5 Soul Size Medium $80US shipped.

    email me - [email protected] if you would like some more pics

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