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  1. IMG_1168.jpg


    VISVIM FBT - elk leather - size 8 - worn 2x

    i cut the original laces short but they come with a new pack of laces which you can put in. original box and tote bag. VNNNNDDSSS

    ASKING -330USD shipped. original retail at purchase was 580AUD



    Silas harrington style zip up jacket. seasons ago from Silas never worn just kept in closet. Brand new never worn. 2nd picture is a better representation of colour

    ASKING - 50USD shipped -



    MHI (maharishi) geometric camo hood. - size S - worn once or twice

    pretty much brand new MHI hoody. hardly touched it.

    ASKING - 70 USD Shipped -

  2. Hey guys, bought things off a few people here and sold some stuff. doing a bit of a clearance of my wardrobe of clothes and what not.

    Everything is as stated. more pictures upon request.

    All items are located in Australia and Shipping prices are included. i charge basically what the post office charges me. Express quicker shipping add a bit more.




    Adidas 'CLAW' ADV LEA size 8.5 worn 2x

    - C-Law from CT designed adidas adv. dope colourway, there are some miniscule denim bleed around ankle collar. comes with grey and orange laces to match. ASKING - 80 USD shipped.


    Nike Huarache Light size 9 - DS -

    Stussy huarache light. Fairly uncommon colourway to find these days. brand new. size 9. not original box.

    ASKING - 150 USD shipped


    Nike Huarache Light size 9 - DS -

    Iconic colourway next to the ultramarine colour. brand new unworn comes in oroginal box.

    ASKING - 150 USD shipped


    Nike Air Max 90 'Hot Limes' size 8.5 worn 2x

    Classic colourway retro from early 00's. slight yellowing due to age. still have plenty of life.

    ASKING - 110 USD shipped

  3. Hi early in my japan trip i stopped by apc and bought these. worn for approximately 4 days non continuous. so nothing has been set, there are some light fade on the crotch and a little from my wallet but nothing major.

    i have the tote bag (little dusty) and the pin and everything is still there etc.

    i bought them for 18,900 yen or around 240 aud, idealy looking for 200 aud +shipping to wherever.

    im now nearing the end of my trip and im picking up some jeans from hinoya instead cause i impulsed these early and dont think ill be wearing these when i get back to sydney

    if anyone is interested i can send photos asap while im still in japan.

    email - [email protected]

  4. Hey guys,

    I have a brand new pair of SD103 Studio's for sale, one soak for 3 hours then worn for 10 minutes, but just turns out not really my style.

    Have been hemmed to 29.5 inches professionally but has lost the chain stitching as there is no chain stitchers in sydney.

    creases just from trying on, so no permanent set.

    looking for $250 AUD, shipping as cost to location. insurance/ems/ extra.

    bought from take5 in HONG KONG for 2080HKD last week.






  5. Hi all, clearing out a few things relatively decent priced. i am still willing to listen to offers. so hit me up. I am Located in Sydney Australia, shipping will be 20US for jeans, 15US for hoodies and jackets, 10US for t's. which is far cheaper than normal i just wanna move this stuff. unless asked standard international post. larger items boxed.

    brand new pair of Wesc Marwins in Raw 28x32

    regular fit in the seat tapers from the knee downs, the cut is really similiar to APC NS's surprisingly. brand new with tags. 50US. not the jap selvedge one, but still a pretty reasonable jean. photos are a bit dark, last photo is best representatoin of colour. they are brand new and real dark indigo. chain stitched inseam.


    Edwin Sen Skinnys in a bleach wash 28x32, worn once, these will stretch out quite alot so a 29 will comfortably fit these as well. More super slim than skinny. 60US. photo 3 best representation of colour. mean light red selvedge


    Comme Des Garcons tri-tone shirt, 30 US shipped the sleeves are actually a lighter baby blue than the body. Size MEDIUM worn once.


    Levi's Black Label flannel and Chambray shirt washed once each. hardly worn. the red flannel is surprisingly warm and but probably slightly thinner than a standard flannel. both are POPLETS with buttons at the collar. 30US both Size Small.


    As New MHI camo hoody size S i wore it once and got caught in a small rain. since then dried out and sat in my wardrobe. MHI quality product as usual. 70 US double zip


    New Silas Shirt Jacket zip up, not really sure hwat this is, i bought it on impulse and never wore it. i guess its Silas' version of the tradition ben sherman black jackets. crew neck instead of collar, pretty quality. buttons on sleeve to adjust around the wrist.


    Amos Toys Onwards T size M (slim fit) 20US


    aNYthing 'Yoko Ono - All Over This City' white on white size M



    Fiber Ops 'Piece Now' size M same logo repeated slightly larger on back.


  6. HI, lurked here for a while. but thought i'd post up some pics of my Edwins.

    been about 4 years, worn on and off. i was kinda silly at first and had a few raw jeans during my initial stint into denim. I also sized wrong and got a 29 and should've got a 28.but i think still turned out ok.

    They are Edwin Ed-55's initially Concrete Raw. relaxed seat and taper from the knee down. 4-6 washes now. i just had the crotch repaired and they blew out the first time back on.





    photo taken with room light on, colour probably best in photos 1 and 4. they are actually even lighter than that in real.

  7. Just doing an INterest cHeck in the Navy bodied Varsity by APC this season. its in the Varsity Jacket thread looks even meaner in person.

    never worn just been sittin in my closet since i bought it so trying to see if anyone would be keen to take it off my hands.

    i am located in Sydney shipping to the states is roughly 40-50USD with insurance and i would express it cause its pretty damn nice.

    im looking to get back what i paid so 480 AUD.

    or willing to listen to offers.


    my bad.

  8. HI,

    from earlier season, Pam corduroy baseball/varsity jacket. worn less than 5x been sittin in my closet for who knows how long. very near ds.

    item is located in sydney australia. internationall shpiping is 20US, 30US for express/insurance. local cheaper.

    more photos on request, but its the one lupe fiasco wears in his kick push video.

    i paid 350aud when first dropped. looking for half that, will ship to US for minimum 160US. Aud 180.

    Or make me an offer. i am looking to get rid of it and clear up space.


  9. got a brand new pair of Paul Smith frames but unfortunately dont really suit me

    model is PS-205 SMK



    the picture i have is kinda large so if there is interest i can email the picture taken from on my desktop.

    looking for around 180 AUD shipped so for you aussies prety much a bargain. this is about half price RRP in australia.

  10. dunno if it will be different on the bigger sized shearers but i have the blacks in a 28.

    i've probably got about 3 weeks worth of wear (had them for maybe over a month) and they waist has come down nicely, but the pocket areas are still tight and the hips are still tight. and they slouch a little too but not heaps atm. im hoping that changes soon, gonna go into hardcore everyday mode fro the 2 months

  11. had a pair of the slim selvages they did.

    good quality lightweight denim, was hard personally for me to develop combs and stuff in them tho. but i really liked everything else about them.

  12. Hi

    looking to trade for a 27 in black or blue in the NS. bought off member 'vote for nara' but their just a little big. only tried on in the house for 10 minutes. If no trade then wish to let go for what i paid 140US shipped. if need pictures pm me, but pretty much known to everyone on here.

    have bought off several people on the forums. if worried can set up ebay where i am 100%.

    if wanting pics i can set that up when im back at home and pass them on or just PM me


  13. did a quick read of hte last couple pages.

    quick thoughts, sell scholes and giggs?? wtf would they sell the heart of man utd? they will both end their careers there, they are a testament to true loyalty.

    IMO, nani is rubbish. poor mans ronaldo, but i will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he probably has time to develop into a much better play as ronaldo did.

    berbatov is a different sort of striker to tevez and rooney who essentially do the exact same thing. and would be a fucking good buy. beyond that man u are prety much well covered everywhere else, both ben foster and tomas kuzcack to slip in once Van Der Sar moves on. Anderson is a natural replacement for scholes. only worry is if ronaldo leaves.

    as to liverpool, kuyt to convert into a right midfielder much like rest of last season. the man is a workhorse, and it wouldnt surprise me if at times in matches it looks like their playing 4-3-3 on the attack as gerrard can easily just slide into the right hole if kuyt pushes up. yossi and babel to fight for the left wing spot, but if barry comes in i think alonso will have to go cause alonso really cant play anywhere else except the middle.

  14. the 29 was snug but already wearing the way i wanted them to wear, i.e it was already loose around the thighs and i could slouch it. so i went with the 28. oh well, early patching it seems.

  15. i managed to rip a little hole in my new shearers right near one of the belt loops from just trying to tug them down a little further after only 2 days of wear! whats with that, my old kings were near indestructable.

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