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  1. Hi, sold some things, bought some things on here. items are located in sydney australia, and i charge EXACTLY what the post office charges me. no more no less, i double wrap etc and take care of my stuff. All prices are in AUD

    i have a 100% wool APC herringbone (?) coat/jacket with detachable hood, ive honestly worn this maybe. 3 times in the last 2 years since i bought it from Isetan shinjuku in japan where it retailed at 21,000 yen. at the time it cost me around 280 AUD. its in NEW condition, literally been sitting in my closet, has a hidden inside button pocket and a normal pocket without a button close. size S

    im asking 200 shipped registered international post.





    the boston black beauty day bag, ive used 3x also, i think i just prefer a shoulder strap with my duffel esque bags. copped for 250 asking 190 Shipped registered international




    Supreme Joy Division Tee size M, no cracking on the print, ive worn this once and had it folded in my drawers ever since. i havent seen many around and dont think many many are in as good condition. asking 180 registered international.



    if my prices are unfair please feel free to offer me something reasonable.

  2. contemplating triggering a pair of these, but have no comparison fits and im located in aus so hunting through the market :)

    but if im considering the 28w - i intend to hopefully have them stretch out a little so i have a bit of sag and wear them a lil lower. im currently in 28 petite standards, 27 NS but also a 29 Sammy 710.

    would the 28 be ok? with break in time of course

  3. good point, i was more liking the cinch as well as the price hee.

    i havent checked, but i have about a finger and half of room currently with it around my waist, ill get some measurements up asap

  4. hey quick question,

    i wear a 29 in the s710xx which are comfortably tight ( oxymoronic i know )

    will i fit the 27 in the 15oz ltd edition at Blue in Green? ive never bought online so just wondering as we dont have mos of these cuts in australia.

    the info on BiG's site says the 27 will be for a 28" waist which is my true size. tho i do want to be able to sag a little and move my legs somewhat.



  5. Stussy Knox Bomber Jacket size S worn 3x asking 120 shipped RRP 200

    Super warm, super nice stussy bomber. has those big button thingys, plus zip. Is actually a darker grey then the photos show.




    Reiging Champ Hoody 'classic fit' ( the more slim fit one) S asking 120 Shipped, RRP 250

    RC's slightly slim fitting hood, size S, worn sparingly cause i basicaly outgrew it real quick. still had the red flag.



  6. Supreme Beanies






    The Blue one is unworn. RRP 90 at supply, 50 shipped.

    The supreme stars NYC is from one of the earliest seasons and extremely hard to come by, there is some yellowing inside due to age, but still is comfy and wearable. 70 shipped

    Supreme Box Caps 70 each


    the tweedy dot box caps. purple box and black box. see for yourself, still in extremely good condition.

    Original Fake Skull and Bones Tee askin 45 shipped. worn once then folded away


    NSW front runner jacket, size M asking 150 shipped

    sealed zips, ipod pocket on shoulder, stormfit, water proof etc. the goods copped from incu for 250




  7. Selling a few things ,most things are in as new condition. feel free to email/offer at [email protected] PRICES ARE IN AUD

    All things Supreme

    Supreme x neighbourhood "Rebel without a Pause" ive worn this tee 3x and washed once. its been sitting for years. size M Asking 150 shipped

    some slight cracking on the front print, but back is fine. 8.5/10

    I hope i dont have to say much about this t, anyway its the goods.





    Supreme Malcolm X tee size M worn twice 9/10 asking 75 shipped

    MALCOLM X BABY. I have a dream.



  8. HI up for sale is a North Face japan Jacket i purchased in north face tokyo earlier in the year which i wore for the week there but came back to sydney australia and its been far too hot and it hasnt made it out of the closet. i purchased for 30,000 yen which was at the time roughly around 350 aud.

    letting this go for 170AUD shipped world wide. it is a true size S.

    has 4 outer pockets - 2 chest 2 at base all covered over and hidden.

    double body zips so you can go skiing etc orwhatever with that inner layer tightened down.

    2 inner chest pockets, one which has their nifty neoprene sleeve for fragiles. etc when your being active.

    detachable hood.

    Also for sale is from the NSW tech pack front runner riding jacket.

    Stormfit, sealed zips. size M, worn on and off but is still in close to new condition. this just fits too tight around my chest and is probably more of a Big Small than medium.

    ipod space in right shoulder.








    the NSW jacket retailed at 250 AUD here and im looking for around 160 shipped world wide.


  9. IMG_1205-1.jpg



    PAM Varsity Raglan deadstock 100 USD shipped. reverse colourway almost of the one on Havenshop.ca http://havenshop.ca/Store/ShowProductDetails.aspx?PK_ID=2446

    its actually almost a super light grey blue. size M

    Supreme Malcolm X tee. deadstock never worn/washed. asking 60USD shipped Shipped or best offer.

    that grey dot is from the camera.



    supreme box caps.

    navy few seasons ago. worn a bit but still pretty good nick. no fading etc. 45 USD shipped

    Dark Grey Lined barely worn 60USD shipped

    HomeRoom box Cap 35 USD shipped

    more coming

    make offers

  10. IMG_1179.jpg

    Air Max 1 from 2000 size 8.5 barely worn.

    some midsole cracking due to age. but still in wearable nick.

    ASKING - 65 USD shipped -


    Air max 1 'Shima Shima' worn a few times.

    has some creasing of the toe box . otherwise very wearable still. some colour lightening of the navy panelling as expected from age.

    ASKING - 60 USD - shipped




    Top to Bottom

    Original Fake 'target' T - BRAND NEW - 60 USD shipped

    NSW (nike sportswear) 'PINNACLE' - BRAND NEW - 40 USD Shipped (tags fallen off)

    NSW - Mets/Yankees - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS - 40 USD shipped bought from Beams Japan

    'For the Homies' Local Melbourne brand - 'Wet and wild pool party on front - 'aint no fun if homies cant get none' on the back.

    25 USD shipped

    Futura labs Pointman Long Sleeve. worn couple times - 30 USD shipped

    Addict Graf Stencil Tee - worn couple times - 20 USD shipped

    Original Fake Spermzilla - worn a couple times - 40 USD shipped

    CDG Tri Colour shirt -worn once - asking 50 USD shipped.

  11. More Coming.




    HeadPorter + light woven hoody. amazing quality. brand new a size too large for me. purchased 340 AUD retail. asking 180 USD shipped.


    Nike Air Max 1 - size 8.5 - BRAND NEW

    recently released colourway. retail here is 190 AUD sell at US prices so

    100 Shipped gets it to your door.


    Vans Syndicate Chukka - worn a bit - Size 9

    has denim stains but i will clean up the midsole before i send out. still has plenty of life left.

    ASKING - 40 USD shipped



    Stussy shouldstrap bag

    barely used. ASKING - 35 USD shipped.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342