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  1. Going to San Fran with my friend for a day. Next tuesday night/wednesday.

    We're staying at the Handlery around Union Square. Can you recommend a place for late night dinner/drinks near the area?

    After dinner we're prob gonna be wandering around finding stuff to do depending on the time. Any advice on places to avoid?

  2. i would like a waffles.fm invite too! all i have to show proof of being an oink member is the initial invitation i received. if anyone's kind enough, to spare me an invite, i'd be grateful

  3. damn right fre$co, you do need to scuff the hell out of the soles! I was walking around work as if I was on ice skates for the first time in my life. If I only knew...

    How far is the factory from Cambridge? My friend is going there for the summer and maybe I can have her pick up a pair for me.

  4. Hey poly, hit up Carlos at the Alden store in New York. He was mentioned earlier in the thread by Miz. The buy is soooooooo worth it. It's a shame now because between the Alden(4060's?) and the Tricker's Stows, I haven't been able to find any formal shoes that I think are worth buying... in a good way.

  5. I'll just intentionally fail the eye exam so I can get some glasses. Haha. But really, I'd feel kinda pretentious wearing non-prescription eyeglasses, especially around my friends/family who know I don't even need glasses. I'm getting old and I need to go get my eyes checked anyway. Maybe I will need some prescriptions.

    Might as well contribute to this thread:

    No pics necessary.

    Tricker's Stow in Acorn Antique (previously posted somewhere in this thread)

    and a pair of Skull 6x6's (with the red tab)

  6. Nothing spectacular or anything anyone hasn't seen before. Just got bit by the shoe bug again. I'm starting to have buyer's remorse over the brown/pink polkadot vans. I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull them off. Don't be surprised if they show up in the supermarket.


    NB 574 EWGB Japan Edition

    Polkadot Slip-ons


  7. I would sooo trade Pop-Tarts for Tim Tams anyday. It's all about the Tim Tam Slam!!!

    You bite a little corner off each end of the rectagular chocolate-covered cookie, submerge one end in coffee, suck the coffee up like a straw so the Tim Tam's saturated with it, then.... Mmmm welcome to the world of Diabetes.

  8. I love this thread! So much good information. I tried doing the ian knot, and I just lack the finger dexterity/ patience(ironically) to do it.

    Its been a year since I've been lusting over the alden shell cordos and I've finally pulled the trigger (thanks miz.) If it weren't for this thread I also wouldn't have come across the trickers stow. Waiting sucks.

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