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  1. Nudie RRs -

    Waist - 18.5"

    Front rise - 11.5"

    Back rise - 15.5"

    Upper thigh - 12.4"

    Inseam - 32.5"

    Samurais S5000BK -

    Waist - 18.5"

    Front rise - 11"

    Back rise - 15.5"

    Upper thigh - 12"

    Inseam - 33.5"

    EGs -

    Waist - 19.33"

    Front rise - 12.5"

    Back rise - 16.5"

    Upper thigh - 14"

    Inseam - 32.5"

    Canes -

    Waist - 18.33"

    Front rise - 13"

    Back rise - 17"

    Upper thigh - 12.5"

    Inseam - 32"

  2. Couple pairs of jeans up for sale. Those that are worn have been hot-soaked once, and worn no more than 5 times.

    NWT Engineered Garments Beacon Pant: SOLD

    Never got into the workwear aesthetic, and as such, never wore these. Second pic is a better representation of color though a bit overexposed.



    SugarCane Hawaii Natural Indigo SC40400N with arcs/tab - $300 shipped

    Love these jeans but slightly too baggy for me and the Oni Shoai fills this hole in my wardrobe. Worn twice. Perfect/new condition.





    Samurai S5000BK with arcs/tab - SOLD



    Nudie Regular Ralf - $100 shipped

    Classic intro pair for anyone into raw denim. Worn 4-5 times. My 5EP LDBs are the only bootcuts I really need.



    Measurements upon request from serious buyers please.

  3. I wear my LW SuFu tee all the time. No one knows what it means outside of clothing freaks; nothing to be scared of, really. I think all the LW ones had the silvery-grey type on black, for reference.

    Good luck with the sale.

  4. Repost due to error in the title of my last post.




    $200 shipped - worn once.

    measurements, as far as I can tell..

    17.5" waist

    11" approximately at the thigh

    38" inseam (unhemmed)

    Also selling a Margiela spoon necklace, purchased from chris here.. wee bit too small for my neck. NWOT.

    (images lifted from an eBay auction)




    105$ shipped

  5. They moved about a year ago. The new space is similar in layout though now it's closer to the U St. Corridor .. Muleh is worth checking out at as well. It's on the opposite site of 14th, about a block up.

    I was there a couple weeks ago and they had in B.Son, Band of Outsiders, Nom De Guerre, Steven Alan, and some other stuff.

    Relish did stop selling men's though I picked up a Dries cardigan and Paul Smith wallet from them a few weeks ago when we were in there for shoes for my girl. They still have a couple of men's pieces downstairs.

  6. RB6.b - 36x30 worn but no signs of wear - there's some damage to one of the pockets, a very small cut. drizzt's short.


    SugarCane 1947s - 38x32 - only tried on in the house.


    Pictures forthcoming.

  7. Dior Homme Made in Italy 19cm - 36", current season, brand new with tags. I purchased these from Saks yesterday but in retrospect, I think I either want MIJ 36" 19cm from Grapist or to size down in the MIIs. I'd prefer to sell them as opposed to returning them, but I'll just return them if no one wants to pay .. say maximum 10$ less than retail for saving me the trouble. $ 245 + shipping.

    Pics to come later.

    Google checkout preferred, PayPal/MO/Check accepted.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342