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  1. If 10 men australia can put up a fight against ghana im sure usa will do alright. Feel sad for the aussie guys they are kinda like usa, not that many skillful players but play with heart. If only they didn't get thrashed in the first game. Pim stuffed up the first game but mended his ways for the second.

    My 2nd team is korea so hopefully they'll be able to cause a few headaches :P

  2. got my first hate mail in COD 4 mw2 last night.. 30-3

    "wow your so awesome, i wanna have you baby.... gay c*nt"

    made me lol ;P then proceeded to get a negative kd ratio the next two maps and I rage quitted at the end of the round haha

  3. I have a +J dark gray wool blazer in medium if anyone is interested. very small proxy fee or i might just return it.

    just curious what was wrong with the sizing? or just didn't fit right?

  4. Im heading to Singapore in the next to 2 weeks and I heard a Uniqlo shop just opened there. I wanna cop plain tees/singlets but what else is worth getting? Are the jeans good?

    I was over there when that store opened, was mad walking around looking for pieces to buy. GF had to wait 20 min just to get into the change room. I just bought a black pair of t 000 for 50sgd on sale. For the price you pay I can't complain ;) I think full price its 70.

    The new store is at Ion tower so just get off at orchard and you should be able to find it. BTW it's 2 floors one for the ladies and one for the guys.