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  1. If you want to be romantic-ish you could book one of the restaurants in Taipei 101. There are some nice restaurants on the 60th floor if I am not mistaken. You can also book a private room in the San Wan Hotel. They have a nice prix-fixe menu with an extensive wine list. There was 2 menu sets one at 2000nt and the other at 4000nt I believe.

    Other mentionable off the dome:

    L'atelier by Chef Joel Rubuchon

    Flavors (swedish restaurant)

    Villa 32 (outside taipei though in beitou)

  2. Anyone have any experience with half-tone vectors? I've been messing wih scriptographer and Illustrator. But it is difficult to make the image look non pixelated. I've used the bitmap photoshop method but the half tones are not true half tones.

  3. After I have converted my photos into half-tones. Is there anything I need to do in photoshop before I print it on a transparency? Also, what mesh size should I buy for a black and white photo? Another thing is if you have any recommended emulsions? What is the burn time for a photo as well because I know generally text based work is 3 minutes.

  4. Having lived in Taipei for many years. I think it is best to stay away from brand/designer wear because shit is marked up to the MAX just because Taiwanese Men/Women are brand whores. If you really want to get down I highly recommend heading to Shida Night Market Or Wu Fen Pu and check out the clothes there. Many local designers and people selling clothes on the cheap.

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