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  1. circle of shoes

    ^ nice dirty line: clean circle:
  2. seenmy is waywt jesus

    seenmy fliping between the head to toe CCP and nude+ deka-N
  3. WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)

    Lookin like Jeremy Lin in fashunz
  4. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Lots of big name starred places have express/biz lunches that go anywhere from 2000-3000Y a head. That doesnt include VAT and no wine, but you can get in at La Table Robuchon in the chateau in Ebisu for that much starting price, and others as well. I go to Fureika in Higashiazabu for Chinese food at lunch, they have sets for 2000-3000Y a head (2000Y buys you a couple starter pieces of Chinese BBQ, a couple amazing dumplings, and then soup noodles... so about twice as much as a greasy spoon but two Michelin stars, dude. Probably worth it) and sometimes 800y/glass Laurent Perrier champagne. It's really well made food.
  5. The Luggage Thread

    I was in a hurry the other day to buy luggage and got a Porter helmet bag in a wider version, classic orange lining. I would buy more Porter since they're not far in price from the Muji in Japan, for a basic black bag, but they just don't make anything truly travel size that is great looking or classic. The ones that are suitcase sized that i've seen are rather unaesthetic and just functional rolling softcases like many makers make.
  6. The Luggage Thread

    I still use a Muji rolling ballistic nylon plastic hard case, I now have 3, all black and matching, and might get one or two more since I'm moving again. I've had one since summer last year and put like 50,000 miles on it in a year, still rolls perfectly and has rolled across miles of uneven pavement in Seoul, HK, NYC, LA, Tokyo, and other places. Costs a quarter of the Rimowas, recommended if you can get one.
  7. japan :: tokyo :: general

    yeah I used to just rent pocket wifis from softbank at the airport when I arrived. Got the same stores at haneda and Narita, Haneda on departures floor by the smoking room and Narita on the arrivals level I think. The pocket wifis work pretty well except they only run a few hours on a charge since they get abused and rented all the time. The company renting them is not actually affiliated with Softbank and they're kinda shady, it's a hassle to return the equipment in the city like they offer as an option, so just rent it at the airport and return as you leave. I went once and it was a shitty building in Roppongi and they kept making me wait and weren't sure if they'd leet me into the office. It was extremely weird. Anyway, doesn't really matter as what they offer works and it's cheap enough, 1500Y a day for wifi beats paying for it at a hotel plus while you're out and you can run all your devices. They do iPhone SIMs too now but really, I'd just get a pocket wifi - most people aren't really making phone calls in Japan and if you do, can just use the hotel phone.
  8. Superderanged roomates

    This is not the epic story, just a side one I'm remembering right now: I had a 4BR apt in sophomore year of college with 3 other Asian dudes (it was split into 2BR/1BA per side with a huge living area in between, one of those standard college town crackerboxes) - opposite side: -one was a Filipino mama's boy (drove 2.5hrs each way, every weekend, to go home and bring back homecooked food in plastic containers and monopolized the fridge space with this shit) and studied pretty arduously, never saw him really. Running into him on campus was extremely awkward. We lived together yet it was much like dealing with a stranger. All year. -other guy was a Filipino indie rock nerd, a little short and stout. I think the guy meant ok but he was struggling very severely with self confidence issues, had a cleft palate, I think his mom had died recently and left a big life insurance policy. We socialized more than I did with the aforementioned guy but this indie rock/cleft palate dude was out for the pussy and had a hard time scoring. It was pretty depressing living with him. My side of the house: -Me. I was into cars and my clothes (not sufu approved, this was like year 2001) so my room was chockful of rare car parts I was archiving and then I had a fuckton of clothes and shoes neatly arranged in the rather large closet. Sat in my room on the internet most of the time, never studied because of my ADHD and apathy, and there were no girls on my campus I severely wanted to fuck, so it was mostly solo time I spent on researching useless knowledge. I collected records and went on a trip to London that year and was into that kind of shit. I was 19 so I had to buy my house beer from the Asian market, and drank strictly Taiwan Beer or Sapporo because the old Chinese lady never carded me. Drank a lot and just sat around in my room mostly, because my roommates were losers and repelling any girls. I would invite some girls over as friends but the roommates mostly drove them off too. -Roommate #4 was a Fukienese Chinese American dude. He was, in a word, extremely odd. He wore blue tinted sunglasses, a black wife beater, wine red jeans, and wore his belt buckle to the side. Spiky AzN hair. He sucked 90% of the internet bandwidth torrenting porn and he'd stay up all night singing along to Musiq Soulchild or Michael Jackson. He replaced all the lights in his room with red lights, strung lines across the room and pegged photos to them, and called it a 'darkroom theme' So, you can see there was a ton of passive aggressive potential there from the start, but it got really bad as time went on. Roommate #4 flunked out second semester, his mom came down and stayed at our apt for some dealings with school. She was a Chinese fob and used our bathroom, would wash her underwear in the bath and then hang them on the doorknob. So, I was greeted by huge stained panties on my bathroom doorknob a couple times. He ate maruchan oriental ramen and I'm pretty sure he was able to make sure to tell me his secret cooking touch was a drop of sesame seed oil at the end, and this delighted him to spread his gospel. By summer we had all gotten sick of each other, guy #4 couldnt afford to stay, the two Filipino guys were apathetic and they basically just abandoned the ship and made me pay for a 4BR apt on my own for a couple months. I was pissed, but the crowning moment was when I had this female friend over in the summer in this huge empty apartment and I was on top of the fridge looking for something, and there was this plastic produce bag with what I gathered to be a fucking turd. I was livid and knew it was roommate #4 and that he had left a fucking shit on top of the fridge before he left, to piss me off. So I'm standing there with this plastic bag of shit in my hand swearing and screaming, and this girl is just aghast. I don't remember how that ended. I took me a few years afterwards to realize that it was just a red onion that had been neglected and rotten to the point of looking exactly like a turd. It must've been up there since the beginning of the school year.
  9. Superderanged roomates

    That's pretty damn good. I didn't forget to post, it's just going to take a ton of time to write this epic. It concludes in a pic that is full-frontal nudity and NSFW, yet mysteriously contains no genitals.
  10. Superderanged roomates

    about to shut this thread down with the best post in sufu history. Its the alpha and omega, sufu won't ever be normal again.
  11. japan :: tokyo :: general

    we can try but i am prisoner of a j-beezy, Probably wont get back to the city by like 10pm. I dunno if it's looking good or not.
  12. japan :: tokyo :: general

    what time do you fly in? I arrive at Narita around 8 or something I think
  13. japan :: tokyo :: general

  14. japan :: tokyo :: general

    There are more vegan restaurants out there than people think, macrobiotic or veggie, there's also enough falafels and stuff out there, you can get by as a vegan in Japan but you'll never eat any of the good stuff that way. You can eat soba with some soy sauce I guess, and vegetable tempura. There's also a vegetable sushi place in Roppongi Hills.
  15. seenmy is waywt jesus

    saw our lord and savior in some Japanese mag recently, can't remember the title or issue though.