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  1. I'm really looking forward to this album. The single is pretty good, although I haven't yet heard the full version.. but it kinda reminds me of why I started totally loving the Foos in the first place. I really wanted to go to the small gigs they had in London/Brighton last week but I couldn't make it.. could have added to my tally of 15 Foo gigs so far..

  2. Obviously the Chloe one is bigger so it'll be more useful for day-to-day usage. But I'd say get the Chanel because it's so classic, will last you years and years, whereas I doubt you'd be using the Chloe bag in a couple of years, or even quite a few years down the line. Plus, all the Chloe bags are so trend-following.. so after a couple seasons you might just get fed up with it. Whereas I doubt you would with the Chanel.

  3. Haha, I'm currently doing a module on JLG for my degree. We're studying Histoire(s) du Cinema, but I've watched A bout de souffle, Vivre sa vie, Alphaville, Passion, Sympathy for the devil, Pierrot le fou, Le Mepris.. I've lost count.

  4. I met my current boyfriend in Beijing during the summer.

    He lives in NYC, I live in London.

    We spent August together in Beijing, and didn't see each other from September til last week (beginning of January) and we spent a week together, which was sweet.

    It could work if you trust each other not to do stupid shit and if you both communicate. I talk to my man everyday, and if we don't get the chance to chat, we email each other.

    Edited to say: This is by far the best relationship I've been in.

  5. I just downloaded Dave Chappelle's Block Party soundtrack. Pretty good stuff - the Roots, Mos Def, Common, Talib, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott.. a lotta good music on there.

  6. you visiting family?

    Nah, I'm going for a 4-week Mandarin course to brush up on the Mandarin I learnt during my gap year.. which is now 3 years ago. I have classes in the mornings but not much to do in the afternoons, so I'm going to tackle all the touristy stuff day by day.. and possibly get a job teaching some kids English or French, we'll see.

  7. r kelly's piss on you video

    is wayne brady gunna have to choke a bitch?

    i'm rick james, biiiiiiiatch!

    the black white supremacist

    and my new favorite from the "lost" dave chappelle episodes with the black/latino/asian/white pixie.. "harro rara!" HAHAHA this one had me in tears seriously.

  8. Macs for aesthetics.

    Windows for usage.

    I don't know. I've always used Windows so I'm a Windows girl.. and I get frustrated with Macs because NOTHING'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! Meh.

  9. See, I don't really get why everyone suggests Colette for an ultimate-Paris experience. Sure, the concept is awesome: they have some GREAT books, GREAT music, great gadgets, accessories, clothes, great EVERYTHING. I mean, okay, I love the store. However, what I don't love is the price. Everything is too freakin expensive for a lowly debt-ridden student like me - but then.. I'm not sure what you guys do anyway, so you may be financially more ..afloat.

    But anyway. What to do in Paris in August? It's not very 'French' in August since everyone's gone for the vacances and it's full of American/English/whatever tourists.. but.

    - Paris Plage is likely to have started, you can get a bit of a tan, I guess?

    - Palais de Tokyo

    - can always check out Centre Pompidou, they always have really good installations/exhibitions going on there. 8 euros and you get into all of the 'private' exhibitions.

    - Cab is a good club, except it's $$. Same with ManRay, same with La Suite (v good music), pretty much anything along the Champs is $$. I've heard that La Fleche d'Or is also pretty good too.

    - check out the museum on Quai Branly, just opened.

    ..running out of ideas..

  10. rage against the machine - self-titled

    ben folds - rockin the suburbs

    queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf

    foo fighters - the color and the shape

    muse - origin of symmetry

    radiohead - ok computer/the bends

    deftones - self-titled

    red hot chili peppers - bloodsugarsexmagik/californication

    nirvana - in utero

    john butler trio - sunrise over sea

    led zeppelin - i/iv

    pj harvey - stories from the city, stories from the sea

    powderfinger - vulture street

    wolfmother - self-titled

    um, that was a lot more than 3. but oh well. i missed a lot out but its 1:40am and i can't think.

  11. really? i just cant seem to stop. whenever i read one book, i find like 5 more i want to read.

    yeah, i mean.. once i start reading i can't stop. but i'm quite fussy as to WHAT i read and what i see in bookstores most of the time (like the best sellers and what they have lying around on the desks, not the alphabetical-order-go-look-for-yourself kind) are shite, or what i consider to be ..literature that should be avoided, so i need book recommendations. anyone?

  12. in no particular order:

    catch-22 - heller

    the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - adams

    the unbearable lightness of being - kundera

    the delta of venus - nin

    franny and zooey - salinger

    scoop - waugh

    the odyssey - homer

    lolita - nabokov

    women - bukowski

    post office - bukowski

    kafka on the shore - murakami

    a brave new world - huxley

    thus spoke zarathustra - nietzsche

    the outsider - camus

    i'm sure there are plenty others but i can't think right now.. when i need to make a list, i can never think of one.

    i need new books to read.

  13. There's a bit more to see in Amsterdam than going to a cafe and smoking, to be honest. The first time I went there, that's all I did.. but it's nice to walk around town and take in a bit of the atmosphere.

    I say get a Eurail card and travel around Europe - www.raileurope.co.uk has some offers and shit, so go there and check it out.. You can go to various countries for a certain amount of time with just one rail card.. so you can go to France, Spain, Holland, Germany, wherever you please.

    so i burnt a fire for a lost desire

  14. You should try to speak French first. It doesn't matter if you CAN'T speak it - just a smile and a bonjour, pouvez-vous m'aider or something simple will suffice. If they realise that you don't speak any French, then they'll help you out. Unless you're so obnoxiously American/English/typical foreign tourist.

    But to live there for a year, you should really learn how to speak French.. you'll have a much better time.

    Oh and I just lived there for a year myself studying, so.. PM me if you have any questions or anything.

    so i burnt a fire for a lost desire

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  15. Okay. So I've been in Paris for a good part of the last 8 months and I'm leaving at the end of May *cries*. Although this was my first time living in Paris, it wasn't my first time here.. so I've done all the touristy things like the Louvre, Montmartre, Champs-Elysees and everything else.

    However, in my last couple of weeks here, I'd like to do whatever I may have 'missed' so far. I would like any recommendations on shopping, nightlife, more sights to see (but please, no more museums..), and whatever else anyone has to offer.

    I must say - I quite like shopping in Paris, but I can never be fully satisfied.. because most of the stuff I like [Marni, Prada, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto, etc etc] = too expensive. For example, Colette = one of my favorite stores in Paris, but I always feel intimidated going in there since.. well, it's for people with super-$$$. So if anyone could recommend me places where I could get one-of-a-kind items for.. a decent price for a lowly student like myself, that would be great.


    so i burnt a fire for a lost desire

  16. What kind of a girl says "hey buddy" anyway.

    But maybe if she gets drunk enough she'll make out with you or something.

    so i burnt a fire for a lost desire

  17. Holy crap, neuroscience. Just saying the word makes me shiver a little. I don't think I could cope.. where are you studying, btw? (I am so glad I'm on my year abroad.. good chance to slack off and do jackshit, although I fear next year being my final year will kill me *cries*)

    My ex used to take ritalin to help him concentrate. It made him really.. weird and not.. twitchy, but.. a little restless? Although he used to sit and work THROUGH the night. Which was a little insane.

    I say:

    - take regular breaks, maybe every 45-50 minutes.

    - drink lots of water.

    - go walk in the fresh air during your break, or even just stick your head out the window or something.

    - make flashcards that you can carry around with you during the day, might motivate you to read it on the bus or something.

    I can't.. really think of much else. Good luck with those exams though!

    so i burnt a fire for a lost desire

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