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  1. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    word! i remember seeing this type of jean cut in hong kong two years ago for the first time and thought it was rediculous, now i think they are pretty rad. i acually bought a pair when i was in HK cause i thought it was so ugly, but i'm glad i did, the thing is bananas.
  2. 45RPM Suminados size 31

    inseam length?
  3. Recent Purchases. . .

    where and how much?
  4. Recent Purchases. . .

    i'm not sure where to get a size ten but http://www.flightclubny.com/c.php?fc=ny&c=visvim has some 9 and 9.5 mine came from goodfoot in vancouver BC. i got the last pair. i think they may still have a pair in blue.
  5. Denim PrΦject from Japan

    oh man.... another crush
  6. 45rpm

    oh yeah on a sidenote, partytaco, thanks for the info about how the center rear belt loop on my sorahiko's is natural indigo dyed, it is way darker than the other belt loops, and on most jeans, the rear belt loop is the first to fade. dope!
  7. 45rpm

    1300 for that? hmmm i think ftb's black ones look better. (i can imagin the quality though)
  8. Recent Purchases. . .

    just picked up a pair of these in olive myself.
  9. waywt? saved my life

    looking at all these hap poses makes my knees hurt.
  10. superconfessional

    i too would be in a bit of confusion and wouldn't really know what to do or think about. crazy.
  11. indigo crush

    crushing on: - SEXIH01 - skulls 5010xx - oni purple kinda crushing: -black dior 19cm japan current rotation: 45rpm indigo sorahikos raw lvc 47 sling and stones selvedge skinny taper s5000bk on ice: sda103
  12. shitting your pants in denim?!

    edit: security breach
  13. Dior Homme Denim (FAQ ON FIRST PAGE - read me)

    any one know if the seat is exactly the same b/t the japanese 21 and 19 cm models?