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Status Updates posted by superfuture

  1. time for some new supermods to help cope with sufu iso madness activity surge. nominate yourself or other members here... then will open a poll.

  2. food poisoned after a zoom cheese and wine tasting.

  3. gentlemen. reflesh your chrome cache if you cannot post.

  4. speed check. is this faster or am i tripping?

    1. Vampyrvargfesten


      speed is fine for me. patiently awaiting supermarket upgrade and other proposed changes

    2. superfuture


      think most of the bugged out shit is sorted. feel like it's taken the whole year. can start to move ahead a bit from now on the long wish list.

  5. the missing headings now fixed. we waz hakked!!

  6. status update speed check 0-100...?

    1. cheapmuthafukr


      a hell of alot better than it was. i stopped coming on the site for a whiile because i didnt wangt to wait.

  7. have started splitting MEGA THREADS like waywt [pics] + [denim]. hope it starts speeding things up a bit!

  8. we are now testing supertalk on another server... so let us know if you can notice any difference??

  9. site running faster?

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    2. e0d9n0b5


      more specifically - requesting a forum index or forum is normal speed, requesting a thread or a certain post in a thread is slow, as is leaving rep or doing quick replies (javascript i guess)

    3. Vampyrvargfesten
    4. saintkeat


      how do you get status updates to stick? mine always displays after a day. site seems a tad faster though.

  10. has site just got faster for anyone else?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. saintkeat


      it has for me until i posted this... it took ages to post

    3. DJ_Flame


      real slow so far

    4. Sammy You

      Sammy You

      got even slower

  11. server errors due to some heavy duty database cleaning today. should be sorted soon. but till then some of the threads are a bit cactus.

    1. amardeep


      "a bit cactus"

    2. superfuture


      yeh. that's australian for 'COMPLETELY FUCKED UP'

  12. just completed mega update of tokyo superguide....

  13. don't even ask...

  14. hmm. when did this crash? have alerted techs...

    1. Lendo


      Must've been in the last 2 hours. Was working fine before i left for the bar.

    2. superfuture


      about an hour ago... techs have ticket. i'm in a taxi in taipei... just another typical day in life of superfuture.

  15. hmm. when did this crash? have alerted techs...

  16. my mind is deep fried

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