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    new toy...
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    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    ... and also recommend you list it on the classifieds section.
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    Just upgraded and doubled capacity of servers about 8 hours ago but still unstable and that was NOT expected. Expecting it is going to need more resyncing. This is so frustratingly epic. bleh.
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    Just keeping track of feedback and any bugs for this update. Please add anything you notice. CURRENT BUGS It seems like things are finally working well still a bit erratic on this supertalk 7 upgrade. Fixing one issue sometimes creates new ones and debugging and then coordinating fixes requires some global timezone tech syncing. If you notice any further problems then please pm supertalk or add them to this supertalk 7 thread. Timeout issues with 502 503 or 524 errors should now be a thing of the superpast but if you get one, close the page and try again in a few minutes - and report it to us. When uploading or posting ads on classifieds go slowly and click once or you might end up with a double / triple post. 01 BANNED USER bug 02 All server side issues supposed to now be fixed but site still maxing intermittently. This eventually leads to timeouts and Cloudflare 524 timeout errors . TIMEOUT ISSUE. FIXED also related... 03 Took 3 refreshes to make this post after getting following error message on the first post. It still posted anyway? - TIMEOUT ISSUE. FIXED. 04 New single Post produced double post - THIS SEEMS TO BE TIMEOUT ISSUE. 05 image upload -200 - FIXED ------------------------------ RESOLVED 01 Getting lots of cached pages - needing to refresh page 3-4 times to get to new layouts - seems to flush it - but not sure if some other issue with server sync? 02 Broken profile pics - need testing to confirm fixed - SEEMS FIXED. PLS ADD NEW PROFILE PICS! 03 cannot delete double/triple posts from sidebar widget 04 Posting images from IMGR needs checking [how do i now upload an image? previously using Imgur i clicked “copy image address” on the image and pasted into my post and the photo displayed immediately.] Similarly Instagram embedding ----> sometimes the link takes some time to sync with instagram and appears missing or broken. Saving a post 2 times seems to be a hack to fix this [?]. Suspect the likely reason is due to supertalk running on dynamic IP nodes located in several geolocations so simple explanation is when you upload or make a post it goes on 1 server node then has to sync with the other nodes and there can be delays across networks. Sometimes the link appears a few minutes/hours later. ------------------------------ TO DO 01 Multiview - Get this option working DONE 02 Login - Twitter [settings need to be updated] Google+ [can be setup] etc.
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    FYI. these latest timeouts over past 30 mins are beyond our control... [see below incident report from DO]
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    whoah. getting some weird broken layouts here... seems a css library isn't getting read properly. [?] FIXED
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    techs are undergoing some more server work over next few hours... bumpy ride ahead.
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    yep. something not right. getting techs to investigate. try a second time but wait a few minutes as a temp fix.
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    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    As a way to ween you off your addiction for listing in community sales threads, superfuture is offering free 1 year superseller subscriptions to anyone who POSREPS THIS POST has previously posted in the urban techwear community thread. PM us. classifieds listings are a much more efficient way to list and search the site for items and communicate offers. This latest classifieds update has added a lot more improvements to functionality. superseller status gives you added benefits. Alternatively, you can pay to list items with flat fee and no commissions. Community sales threads will soon be limited for posting. Offer expires February 20 2019 ----------------------------
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    supershop x end. SALES

    SUPERSHOP X END. WINTER SALE 15% OFF all at END. checkout
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    hello supertalkers, i'm going to first give you a short version - but i'll soon have a bonus long version for anyone seriously interested – just PM me… //////////////////////////////////////////// supertalk has been online continuously since 2003. it’s had a huge impact and influence on many people lives, careers, businesses and friendships. the supertalk community pre-dated social media and probably even helped define it. it is one of the most unique and one of the longest surviving online communities still operating. … but only just 01 supertalk is increasingly getting very complicated to keep online... especially this year. 02 the main issues are financial, technical, and day to day management. this in an environment that is now controlled by algorithms, security issues, regulations, social media, and with google and facebook at the pointy end of the pyramid vacuuming the traffic, content, and revenue streams of the few remaining independent operators. 03 issues are not unresolvable but under the current status quo supertalk is in a frustrating state of slow motion. 04 therefore i’m looking for proposals from members or others to not only keep supertalk online but to give it the resources to develop, expand and compete in the ever increasingly feral internet. 05 alternatively supertalk will eventually go offline. … some immediate changes to supertalk 01 supertalk will now operate independently from superfuture and can potentially spin off as a future separate business entity. 02 superfuture has stopped subsidizing supertalk. 03 supertalk is now open for potential partners or investors or for buyout of any potential future entity. it might be an individual but ideally it should be a company either experienced with online communities / or an established brand aligned with supertalk content with a solid team who think they can transform supertalk in a relevant and new way. they need to be able to develop the sponsorship, marketing, editorial, social media, classifieds, membership, newsletters, and shopping etc. and have technical and design skills to manage day-to-day operations. producing supertalk requires a huge set of skills and / or the income stream to delegate to others. … as for me i want to continue involvement, though i also need to prioritize my workload which is spread extremely thin lately. in the past i used to have a lot more support but supertalk has largely been a 1 man operation the last year or so which has become exhausting and limiting. apart from supertalk i’m also needing to spend more time on the travel side of superfuture and i’m having to manage a lot more consulting type projects to keep everything going. i’ve just been traveling over the past 2 months which gave me time to think a bit clearer and i can confirm that after 15 years of supertalk for me it’s definitely time for some change in direction. it could do with some new fresh eyes to run this spaceship. it ideally needs an entire re-startup team and i’d take a step back to an advisory role. it could even be time for supertalk to be completely re-branded. i know plenty of things that need to change but it is no longer possible to do this without a much bigger team. this should be seen as an incredible opportunity!! //////////////////////////////////////////// at this point what happens from now depends on feedback. all comments welcome. if you want to discuss privately then just PM me. please share with your contacts or other members who haven't been online for awhile. i know many of you work for companies who may be good matches so please also share with colleagues. in the meantime we're back onto fixes during august... thanks @sufu1 ////////////////////////////////////////////
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    thx. will look into it further. explored this years ago and advice was that it wasn't possible to do. but if supertalk becomes a separate business entity then it might be.
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    superfuture has always been 1000% anti celebrity. fuck that idea. ... but you're probably correct
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    @piece keeper i'm moving this to THE FUTURE OF SUPERTALK thread ... thanks for well explained assessment of state of things around here and WHY sufu is still relevant... HOW to keep it going and sustainable is the question that needs answering. it needs a lot more $$ to keep going long term and dedicated tech people to keep it running properly and a dedicated new team to micromanage the whole thing. right now it's got none of these 3 elements in sync. that said - the situation can always change [and will at some point] so all your observations and suggestions are still totally relevant.
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    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    ha. it should be 7mb. blame the algorithms...
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    might have been temporary cloudstorm... maybe try again...? but if you get it again i'll add it to new updated fix list [which is REALLY LONG!].