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  1. the thing i've been wondering is..

    will this be a DSM execlusive only? maybe also selfridges?

    i hope it's not some london-exclusive launch

    no, DSM has just had the installation since late last year. There will also be a smaller installation at Atelier, somewhere in HK and maybe others as well.

    The skull bags are the first thing to be released for sale, I imagine other bits will start coming in slowly after that. I don't know about other retailers at this point.

  2. when does the new fall stuff come out?

    well, its not exactly "fall stuff", as in a traditional seasonal collection. He is a product designer and doesn't really care for designing a season, this is a collection in the sense that its a group of items he has been working on literally for years. They have been shown since last october, and I believe some products will go to stores soon (or actually some thing(s) have already), but I have feeling they will drop in very slowly and in very limited numbers.

  3. WTAPS Trojan beanie, olive

    tried on a few times, like new. olive-grey colour. classic beanie that goes with everything.

    €45 + shipping


    Carhartt x APC "Gabrielle" jacket, M

    Sick worker-style jacket that pays homage to the classic Carhartt jackets such as the Michigan. Done in waxed British Millerain cotton, quilted red lining, chained hem, perfectly slim fit, slit back.... tons of little details that make this an awesome jacket. the lining makes it pretty warm, good for fall and spring, maybe even mild winter.

    Only selling to buy a size larger. BRAND NEW with tags.

    tagged M, fits a 48 spot on, I'm a 50 and I can wear it but its a bit too fitted with a heavy knit.

    retail 300€, asking 230€






  4. this looks cool. Anyone tried Miracast / screen sharing? I assume so far this is on the Nexus 4 only, at least the N10 was missing the support at some point..

    based on this discussion on xda-dev, its still in very early stages in terms of functionality, from what I gathered it only works with a couple of devices (the Netgear one and some other), and requires updating to some beta firmware etc.

  5. Just got the Veilance insulated shell from Firmament, and damn its nice. I've been looking forever for a sleek looking but technical jacket that is not just a shell. Everything else I've seen has been too light (non insulated), too heavy, poorly designer (ill fittin collar) or have looked too "sporty", but this is just perfect.

  6. would it be fair to say that aitor throup tries to create clothing in comparison to other designers with greater a emphasis to the anatomical shapes and movement of the human form but from a different perspective from daisuke nishida. almost looking at a similar solution but from different angles.

    it would be great to see these two minds come together on a capsule collection.

    Aitor does design very complex patterns, many of which are anatomic, and I'd say he could easily trump on anyone else doing anatomic cuts if he wanted. However, many of the cuts are modeled after a very specific purpose as opposed to being just everyday-functional. For example, he made a coat in which the hem can be lifted for walking but it also turns the hem over the thighs when in a seated position, and reveals a padded flap in the back which you sit on. This is actually modeled after the posture when you ride a horse as it was influenced by some indigenous people. Or the New Orleans project in which he made marching band outfits, even a 3 dimensional case for a saxophone. So a majority of his work is highly conceptual in that way.

    what I find even more interesting though is the level of technicality in his construction methods which is unlike anything I have ever seen; it completely overshadows anything that I've considered high-tech. for example the seams, for which they invented the method themselves, in which there is no seam allowance but the edges of the fabric (which I think is laser cut) face each other directly.

    the amount of time that goes into a single piece is mind boggling, and so are the prices of course. But then again, he is obviously not looking to sell big numbers.


  7. that looks cool. how warm is it? good for full on winter conditions?

    may have been mentioned, but firmament has quite a bit of stuff at 50% off, including some SI shadow, laminar and veilance.