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  1. Contemplating having a regularly held afternoon of beer and darts tournaments at the store....

    That interest anybody? Come fondle some jeans and Aldens, drink a beer or seven, and throw some darts?

    never been to craft but that sounds like a great idea haha

  2. ill be there.

    im probably arriving on the 20th.

    anytime after that should be good.

    i know i contacted a bunch of you guys for possible meetups this summer but didn't pull through. i ended up in the boonies/earthquake regions for china for a few weeks -_-

    if anythings happening around thanksgiving time i'd love to join in

  3. yeah i was thinking it might not be worth checking out esp when my friends are planning it to the last train home (WTF???). thanks for the input salaryman.

    tried out great burger last night based on kiya's post

    i thought it was pretty decent although the meat was a bit dry or overdone for my liking


    greedy burger. avocados not visible. nice hidden kick of horseradish(?)

  4. i only recognize ipuddo!! youre in ny right now? Are those other ramen places around st marks?

    was in japan for about a week, two weeks ago. but yeah ippudo is pretty fuckin solid.

    How'd u get into Ichiran?

    not sure what you mean. they're a fairly large chain all over tokyo, you can just walk right in like anywhere else

    ^Hey yo, my mom actually booked a meal for her and I after finals are over(fuck college) at his restaurant in LA.

    spend your money elsewhere. you'll get more bang for your buck

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