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  1. And it´s about time I´ve added my own little denim brand into the mix.


    I´ve been working with established brands for a couple of years and decided to venture out on my own in 2013.

    Finding a Japanese family run mill, scoring the right denim and establishing a work relationship with a garment factory in Kojima

    has been without a doubt one of the biggest adventures of my life.


    The aim of bybeatle is combining modern fits with authentic garments and traditional craftsmanship. Creating garments that work in the 21st century but are born on vintage shuttle looms and crafted on original sewing machines.


    The first edition is Bybeatle Volume One and features a 17oz Raw Selvage denim that has been rope dyed and dipped 24 times.



















    For more information visit




    My own website will be up very soon...



  2. Backing this up... The idea was born for superdenim / there's a lot of small start up brands and artisans that can benefit from exposure and sufu loves supporting them ....if there is a demand on other sub forums we will create a like wise thread right there ...

  3. And I´m happy to announce that this thread is now open.


    If your brand is no older than 2 years and your manufacturing denim or leather related garments & products - please subscribe for the shared sponsorship and post all relevant information such as products and news directly here.


    This will give you a chance to generate customer feedback and establish your brand.


    Once again - this is superfuture showing respect and support to all those small brands that are just starting out in the world of denim - please use this space wisely.


    We believe that you will kindly refrain from bumping without reason and if at any time we feel like a superartisan is not respectful we will moderate your posts.


    Only subscribed superartisans are able to post - customers of course are more than welcome to leave feedback and thoughts.


    Subscription follow the link



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342