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  1. I've got the opportunity to direct a week long trip to anywhere in europe (outside the uk) and I'd love to hear superfuturians' recommendations for a city to visit, preferably with an abundance of clubs specialising in indie music... where would you visit? I'm hoping for somewhere that can provide a good nightlife throughout the normally quiet weekday nights in order to make the most of the time spent there. Galleries and cultural hotspots would be an optional bonus.....

  2. Does anyone know what the ancestors look like with the ankle flap up? I've got a pair of shamans and fancied another, but I'm not too keen on this new version with the short ankle flap, especially if it's not removable.

  3. I've got a pair of the grey Nike x Hideout Air Footscape Wovens for sale as they are slightly too big for me. I'm looking along the lines of £190 for these, but I'm interested in any offers, or maybe swaps from anyone with US10 visvims.

    Please post here, or email me at [email protected] if interested.

    If I sell these to somebody, I am willing to put up a quick "buy it now" ebay auction so that the transaction is legit.

    Also email for more pics, and I'll try to get them up a.s.a.p.







  4. Do marc jacobs stores still sell the silver billfold wallets shown on their website? if anyone could pick one up for me to ship to the uk i'd be really grateful, as i'm not in the mood to spend £150 on a dior one!

  5. Thanks for this post, i'm heading to London for just one day in the next couple of weeks, and was going to ask something similar myself!

    Does anyone here know what sort of levis are stocked at dover street market too please?

  6. Hi, anyone managed to get either of these to ship internationally?

    They've got the marc jacobs vans still, and i'm trying to get my hands on them delivered to the uk - but i'm encountering a bit of a language barrier!

    If you've managed it any help would be much appreciated!

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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