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  1. turf isn't selling the ywet, kiya?

    Turf SM closed down... will any shop in the Bay Area carry them? (Fatlace, Self Edge, New Jack City, etc...)

    im just askin cuz anti-yo yoyos are notorious for being limited and most of the anti-yo distributors are online shops which sell out in a matter of minute once released.

  2. i usually burn between 4-6pm and at night after 8pm.

    i love tokin in the car most cuz its the perfect hotbox.

    as for tools, i smoke joints and blunts depending on the season/environment. I use the bong anytime in between but it has to have atleast 1 perc.

  3. you can try liquid silicone, it gets a little messy and ive never had too much luck with it cuz it ends up popping out after a short while. they make response pads that fit silicone gaps depending on what yoyo it is, if its yoyofactory i would try CBC pads.

  4. you can get the kief out your grinder by stickin it in the freezer for a while, then take it out and bang the grinder on a hard flat surface. all the kief should fall out.

    oh and i think chromium crushers are pretty decent grinders, people say they are made of less quality metal but i think it doesnt matter. ive tried sharpstone grinders but they get really sticky with kief and get hard to turn afer a while. I also find the teeth ratio on the chromium crusher easier for grinding bud than a sharpstone.

  5. typically i just play them until they get fuzzy and wound up all the way. since i ran out of string, ive been down to my last one for over a month now. its been holding up from casual play (1-2 hours a day) but i hope i can re-up on more string. if you feel like its about to snap or its too responsive, change it.

  6. sup yoyo threak. its 2am and im shopping yoyo sites trying to find out wtf it is i should purchase, so i came here for advice.

    i havent picked up yoyo since like 7th grade (a decade+), but want to start playing with one up for fun. willing to spend about 75 for the right one.

    must be a aluminum/metal, looking at a YYF dv888, protege, hectic or possibly a Yfactor. i know those are good yoyos, and im a newb but i dont give a shit. please give any thoughts. thanks in advance.

    edit- also looking at the duncan/screaming eagle mayhem...? i <3 gold

    if ur willing to spend around 75, id go with

    Yoyofactory Velocity v3 - $20

    Yoyofactory DV888 - $45 (summer sale price)

    100 count type 6 100% polyester string - $12

    the velocity is so you can learn tricks at a responsive level then u can ease into more advanced stuff once u learn how to bind. then when u feel confident u can try tricks wit the DV888. and trust me ur gunna need a lot of string when you first start. have you check out yoyoexpert.com? they have a nice selection of videos for trick tutorials from beginner to expert. good luck

  7. velocity is definitely the way to go, it was my first 1a yoyo. i picked up a genesis a few weeks ago and it is the shit! I still want to get a protostar though to practice with. Oh and no worlds for me this year... but i am trying to go to DXL

  8. i think you would have been better off buying a duncan freehand at toys r us or a yoyofactory velocity. :)

    yeah the velocity is a great starter, it what i started with and helped me learn a lot. plus they have pad response on the newer versions so they are even better.

    anyone into 2a? i got my loop 900s from BAC and they are amazing, definitely way better than loop 720s.

  9. IMG_0885.jpg

    wanted to try these because i liked djarum specials. i dont see too much of a difference sept the bali hai tastes like it has banana flavoring in it. i miss the 20 ct boxes...

    those malbaro ice blasts sound delightful, id like to try them.

  10. i was just estimating that it was about 35, i guess 36 would been more accurate. i just remember when i first bought them, they would cover half of my foot when i put them all the way down. after the soak they didnt go as far

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