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  1. that hat oozes OG knowledge to anyone who wore streetwear before the year 2000...you just dont get it

    I know you're being some what sarcastic, but it's true.

    damn that seller must be happy. prob thought he was gonna get $5 for it.

    nah, he probably expected around that much, at least 1,500~

    Any of that rare stadium collection stuff goes for stupid amounts of money.... that era polo stuff started (imo) urban/street-wear culture.

  2. as per the hats, I have a little pee head and theyre smallest fitted hats 7 1/4 have to be hot washed in order to sort of fit. Box logo camp hats were the reason i started copping supreme stuff because they are one of the few hats that fit me. I took my little bro to supreme and bought him the cycle cap cause his dome is huge, and it looks nice on him, its probably not the same for everyone, but the cycle caps are def not for everyone. NYC update anyone?? Dropping by tomm and want some of the short sleeve plaid shirts

    cycle caps are too small for my head...

    p.s. all you have to do is mist your new era and throw it in the dryer for 20mins, nothing else... it'll shrink it a full size down

  3. ^that is really cool.


    thats cool, i'm not a fan of the style at all, theres a few other people that do it, and i dunno, just can't get into it, it's almost like they are trying wayyy too hard to be sensory evoking. my only suggestion would be to try and clean up the contour lines of the body even tho it might just be the fabric from her dress, it just makes it look messy.

    keep it up.

  4. Definitely samples. They're the right size, have the stickers on the inside heel that are from the factory and the sticker on the box has sample and the item description.

    I thought that Junya did a collaboration with Nike but they were a few hundred dollars (this pair). And then there was a vintage running line from Nike at which the price point was $80. I meant that these are from the latter, not the Junya line. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

    you are right.

    re: daybreaks, saw those at the outlet sample sale... look nice.

  5. wv98iw.jpg

    Nice jacket, I like the construction of it alot, however it's just cut way too small for me. Fit's similar to the Flannels.

    Anyways, XL is the new Medium and I didn't get the memo. It's up for retail, so approximately $250 shipped anywhere in the US. PM Me. No negotiations on price, but I will trade for other supreme stuff.

    I'll shoot some photos of the jacket after dinner if anyone needs them.

  6. the "script" (aka unsolved mysteries) caps were made by starter


    (not linking pics because they would need to be resized)

    not positive but i think that's just Supreme's dollar-sign rip on the Starter logo, and that the caps aren't actually made by Starter? Same deal w/all their baseball jackets w/that logo

    Yeah, thats what I had assumed.

  7. Does anyone know who makes Supreme's snap back hats?

    I've got a few aNYthing and Mike caps that are made by the same company i think, with the 'made in usa' script on the reverse of the plastic closure.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    this season is new era.

  8. Excited about drinking these over the next week or two unless my roomate steals them mistaking them for natty light.


    No, I haven't. I'll avoid it then. I've only had D'etre, not D'extra. It was far too much for me though.

    speaking of that;


  9. ordered something around 10th from the online store and haven't got the shipping confirmation yet, but there was the ordering confirmation and email

    did most people get their stuff already? thanks

    got both mine sunday, just probably depending on where you're in, in the queue.

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