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  1. Weren't Rammellzee packs hand customized though?

    Yes they were, only 10 i believe were made.

    i would have guessed that the porter logo was on the straps, but it doesn't look like it in ^those^ pics

    and that t-shirt's gonna set some kind of record on ebay for the most expensive tshirt ever sold

    Ahh, see I thought it was a HP bag, but it seems it's just Yoshida&Co, not specifically head porter. Thus why no tags. Real talk on that shirt.

  2. $600 retail? Thats obscene for admittedly a nice bag.

    I'd pay $200 absolute tops.

    Like the guy said above me, anyone know where i can cop a non-collab version of that backpack?? I bet its waaaaay cheaper.....

    not sure if it's even a porter bag theres no porter markings which seem odd, you would think that would be a reason to tout. I dunno, I don't have any porter bags so I can't say what its based off of but most supreme bags are original designs or based of some milspec/hiking bag.

    check http://www.head-porter.org/

  3. the backpack seems like one of those things that won't be worth reselling outside of japan (kind of like the w)taps trash jeans). even retail on that is crazy.

    if i'm reading correctly that the supreme version of the kaws kate moss flip is a daikanyama exclusive then it looks like it won't be coming out in the us, thank god.

    the backpack is raw, and if it was normal pricing I'd totally make the effort to get it, but at $600 it ain't that rad.

  4. acttually the pineapple tee was a repersentation of the 'indie' voting party back in the late 60s/70s because the dem/reps were both Animals, indie voting parties felt they needed something more organic to repersent them, thus the Pineapple which is beautiful and sweet on the inside but still has a bit of a prickle on the outside.

  5. let us know how customer service hands this. thats beat about box plaid also.

    they sent me the wrong size shirt... and i emailed them to see whats up... but i doubt they'll do anything...

  6. closer to Stussy as far as tees and cut-n-sew

    I was told the tees will be stussy retail or very close to it.

    only thing that will be priced like neighborhood is the Denim ...not AS bad but close.

    jeans are $400, not bad, but not good either...

  7. we have the ability to embeed truetype prior to safari. Thing is, unless it's a screen font. It's going to look like shit. (re: gabes comment.)

    Univers for example, Quartz has a hard time rendering it out properly on the screen but once you print it out it looks good. Imagine quartz trying to render that for the web? it would just be a jumbled messed of x-heights.

    In the future, we'll still be using verdana, airal, and times... However maybe trebuscht will make a come back?

  8. supleme uses new era snapbacks

    dont know what the hundreds use but the hat is smaller compared to the new era snapbacks and the peak is more squarish

    thought this too, but it really depends, with supreme... sometimes they do, sometimes they dont.

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