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  1. heard a rumor that fall 09 sizing will be fixed. Back to the way it was before 2006.

    Be nice if that pans out.

    I doubt that sizing will ever go back...


    this one?

    isn't it just a older BMW with a supreme sticker on it?

  2. Supremu experts!

    I need your help.

    Recently bought a Mike Tyson tee from a member here, and I am kind of guessing it might be a fake.

    I've owned a few preme shirts, but I've never seen the watermark like this


    Is this legit?

    Also the picture on the front looks a slightly bit different from other tyson tees I have seen.



    Does it look legit?

    Just seems a little fishy.......

    man, i've seen fake tyson shirts the pictures blurry, this looks fine, and so does the watermark... but the tell of the shirt is the shirt it self, the neck and the weight/fit of the shirt... is it smaller then other comparable shirts, etc...

  3. cheesball stop sweatin my shit. i made a similar post before you in this thread and the market. i've got dibs unless you feel like paying more $
    if anyone has a 24th backpack.. that you wanna get rid of pm me :)

    Have the Kakhi one, I'll sell it for retail + shipping if either of you want it, used it 2-3 times, nothing wrong it, just prefer my other ones to it.

  4. Hey, side note question... Anyone with the Supreme Trainer II's? Did the paint on the sole start chipping and cracking on yours? I was about to commit to a pair, but not if they are going to get stretch marks. :(

  5. Yea, the flannel button down and work shirt seem nice enough, and I kind of dig that fake Nomad-Folk parka they have too. BDU shorts might be cool but it's hard to tell what the camo pattern is. Sucks about the sneaker launch.

    It's the word boneyards chopped up, the camo pattern.

    ah, on pricing; i've noticed that the japanese yen pricing thus far is about half of what stussy had them listed at. MSRP is $68 on tees, versus stussy having them at $35.

    Could have to do with the importing of the goods or wherever they are produced and the cog to them. I dunno, just interesting to see it differ that much... Hopefully this will reflect with the denim & outerwear.

  6. IMG_4654.jpg

    Size 9, just in case you guys wanted that old Sup shitttttttt.

    man, always liked those and the evil empire sk8his

    update: Supreme sent me a very polite email yesterday apologizing for the inconvenience and stating they'd replace the shirt...they also followed up with an email containing a link to print out return postage. I was stoked, props to Supreme...

    :/ haven't gotten a email yet... did you send it to shop@supreme?

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