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  1. You are looking at a worn twice 1 of 1 Falcon Garments DR3 with special modifications that was done exclusively for me. More of an interest check since it fits me well, but I'd be willing to sell because I wouldn't mind re-ordering and making the length & width a little more aggressive for my very slim short-torso frame. Fits like a Small or 36 or 46 (whichever sizing your country goes with). Retails for $985 along with a 3 week wait. Get it while it still has that intoxicating brand new leather smell! If you have any questions, or want to shoot me an offer, let me know, as I respond within 12 hours or less.
    $OLD. NYC meetups also available. If international, please contact me first for shipping quotes.
    • Black Calfskin 
    • No shoulder epaulets 
    • Belt & belt loops come from the hem of the jacket with snaps instead of higher up and stitched 
    • Riri silver two-way zips 
    • Waist pockets moved to a more diagonal 45° angle and coin pocket moved lower and closer to the main body zip 
    • Shoulder Gussets 
    • The way the sleeves and the shoulders are attached is done in a more shirting style way with a felled seam instead of the usual way
    • Diagonal left sleeve forearm zip Pocket


    Measurements I sent to Falcon Garments: 

    • Shoulders: 16.9 in 
    • Chest: 19.5 in 
    • Midsection: 18 in 
    • Waist/Hips: 18.5 in 
    • Front Length (from base of collar): 20.8 in 
    • Back Length (from base of collar): 23 in 
    • Sleeve Length: 25 in 
    • Sleeve Width @ Pit: 6.9 in 
    • Sleeve Width @ Elbow: 6.1 in 
    • Sleeve Width @ Cuff: 4.2 in zipped, 4.9 in unzipped 
    • Diagonal Forearm Zip Pocket: 5 in







  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
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