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  1. i used to really like taco bell when it first opened in canada (altho i preferred taco time), it was cheap as fuck and filling and basically what you'd expect, but i went back like a year ago (canada & us) because of those 5 buck box commercials (lol) and it was just awful, and they mad stingy with the fillings now

  2. al alburquerque

    julio borbon

    trey mcnutt

    melky mesa

    rich harden

    richie sexson

    ra dickie

    charlie furbush

    vladimir guerrero

    stolmy pimentel

    bong jung



    goose gossage

    joba chamberlain

    juan jaime

    david dejesus

    clete thomas

    connie mack aka cornelius alexander mcgillicuddy (iii)

    jason castro

    nook logan

    carlos santana

    brandon beachy

    lance broadway

  3. I totally agree, I think he is a 'wigger' and his little crew (combo, skinny pete) were/are just trashy and sort of lame. I'm watching Season 3 now and he has definitely got a lot better. I think that this is maybe just a culture clash and out there in Albuquerque, his character is probably more acceptable/realistic.

    dude you suck at watching things

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