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  1. I dont think i've posted an update on these in a while:

    raw black APC (old) cures. They are a couple years old now, worn on and off over that time and have been and washed once and machine washed once.


  2. Winter CWG = uggs + hoodie

    around here is uggs + medium blue skinny jeans + north face fleece.

    Or theres the more casual version: uggs + victoria secret sweatpants (the ones that have "love" or "pink" or whatever on the ass) + north face fleece.

  3. P1211313.jpg

    rag&bone jacket

    neil barrett knit

    drkshdw pants

    bikkembergs boots

    and the glasses are new. I'd been wanting some new ones for a while because the other ones i had are cheap shit and dont really fit my face well.

  4. i have actually been mugged before...

    My girlfriend at the time and I were mugged in a parking lot in st. louis. Were about to get into my car and a guy comes up and says "give it up", and i just kind of had a perplexed look because i didnt realize right away what was happening. so he says "give me your money" as he pulls out a gun. So we gave him what cash we had, which was like $25 combined and then he watched us get in the car and drive off.

    I was damn scared as this was happening, and considering the guy had a gun im pretty sure giving up what little cash we had and staying safe was the best option.

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