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  1. those look like those pictures pornstars put on their page saying that they love guys from "your city"

    nah son he posted a thread about wanting people to do his homework for him and I said i'd do it if he posted that picture, and he did and i was like 'HAHA YEAH RIGHT NIGGA'

    but the thread has been purged it seems

  2. What happened with this guy.

    Remember when you first posted the thread and I told you he just didn't like you and you were like 'nah'

    But then later you said he was obviously avoiding you because he would pick up his phone if you called from another line etc. etc.

    Also icarus is back and i need to change my avatar

  3. Thanks! I was looking for that...I'm going to rep him for that every month or so from now on.

    edit: can't rep same post twice..dammit..going to have to find some of his others.


    now that i don't have a job i don't post much :(

  4. You're a bitch for

    1. "she took advantage of me" nigga please you weren't raped

    2. ". Now, I am the kind of guy who thinks cheating is probably the lowest thing someone can do" you're a bitch get over yourself

    3. "Now's my chance to get back at this bitch." Get back at her? Sounds to me like she was looking for some good dick and all you offered her was a shitty handjob?

    4. "But I don't give a fuck, she ruined a relationship I had in the past, it's payback time." Cheating on your girl takes two, you ruined it yourself.

    5. "Long story short we exchanged hand loving" HAHAHA YOU'RE A BITCH YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET A BJ

    6. "(no kissing, the first dead giveaway sign of a total whore) " DEAD GIVEAWAY THAT YOU'RE A BITCH AND YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE BALLS TO BANG HER OR MAKE HER PUT HER MOUTH ON YOUR DICK

    7. "and the whole time all I was thinking was I hope she feels like shit tomorrow." SWEET THING TO THINK ABOUT INSTEAD OF 'HEY I COULD BE GETTING LAID RIGHT NOW OR ANYTHING BETTER THAN A FUCKING HANDJOB'

    kill yourself