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  1. Acronym ss08

    True that. I also buy my Porsche from Volkswagen - they use the same vehicle materials and it's much cheaper.
  2. Visvim F/W 07.08

    The picture showed the first Duck Boot (Decoy...). You could see a black Undercover label on the tongue. I'll try to get a picture of those. The new ones are significantly higher.
  3. Visvim F/W 07.08

    By the way: I just saw this picture in HUGE magazine (39) of an Undercover version of the Duck Boot from 2005. It looked a bit beat-up in the picture (two or three colorways) but very interesting. Could be good... if you happen to have an Undercover store around the corner.
  4. Visvim F/W 07.08

    And they are white elk. Nice bag for the shelf.