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  1. True that. I also buy my Porsche from Volkswagen - they use the same vehicle materials and it's much cheaper.
  2. The picture showed the first Duck Boot (Decoy...). You could see a black Undercover label on the tongue. I'll try to get a picture of those. The new ones are significantly higher.
  3. By the way: I just saw this picture in HUGE magazine (39) of an Undercover version of the Duck Boot from 2005. It looked a bit beat-up in the picture (two or three colorways) but very interesting. Could be good... if you happen to have an Undercover store around the corner.
  4. And they are white elk. Nice bag for the shelf.
  5. Well, I hope someone over there has been following this. I just can't see how they are off so completely with one line and then so on point with the other. Or is it just the outside influence from companies such as Soph. or Neighborhood or CDG that produces these much better products? Right now I'm just very surprised what has been and is coming. Some stuff is excellent, some stuff is just plain trash. Trying to appeal to too many different customers at the same time? It does hurt the brand. Am I repeating myself...? Have they changed their branding agent / style advisor? Maybe they know things we don't. OH - and why is Hiroki showing this stuff on his blog if nobody can actually get it. Is this some sort of a joke? Looky-looky-you-can't-getty-you-can-only-getty-the-crappy-we-give-to-rest-of-worldy???
  6. I wish those were de-patchable as I quite like the brown/sand color.
  7. Black and brown aren't too bad. Plus your pants will cover the coloring-book-feather-logo-whatever. It just feels as if these shoes are from a new brand altogether. It breaks with everything that we have seen so far. Put these next to the CDG Kiefers and tell me how that works. But then, some of/most of the G Line shoes, etc. are also completely off the usual Visvim track.
  8. Not in the regular line. Elk FBT as before (same colors) - and those 80s ACG FBTs are the only ones. No Ancestors.
  9. Wait 'til you see the rest... You're going to regret not having bought the Nam-Juns, Fangs, or Mowats last fall.
  10. The quilted Kiefer is already out in Japan. So they probably didn't make enough to be sent to Europe then? Since the Kiefer Nez-Perce hasn't come out yet the cancellation is for all regions, I'm assuming...Felix? Ask your source what the FCK is going on with Visvim... Maybe they should focus on the main line and cut back on all those collabos? How come they are releasing tons of SHT for Mastermind, Soph, G1950, NBHD, etc. and can't even get their regular stuff right??
  11. Happened to two of my pairs. One pair I sent back to Visvim and got them fixed the other (black ones) I had repaired at a local cobbler - hardly noticeable. With the two-tones it will be more apparent if not done 100%. Contact Visvim - and send them back. It is a weakness in the construction of the shoe - basically Visvim's fault - so I wouldn't pay for shipping.
  12. Just out of pure curiosity - and because these sort of questions keep popping up. If someone (like myself now: "No, they have nothing interesting, ever") told you that they had nothing, would you not go? If I told you you'd be dissappointed would you go find out yourself? Would you take the risk? Would you go check the shop no matter what...?
  13. There is a thread on fake Visvim backpacks somewhere in the back. There are/were some backpacks that look/looked like they were made by the same factory; same shape, same plastic parts just with different fabrics. The shoes are made in Korea.
  14. The perfect white T-shirt for me is actually the one I've had the longest. I like it best when it's washed to death and has this soft and thin feel to it... unfortunately, the collar and seams often break before a T-shirt reaches that state. I've had some by polo from over 10 years ago and they are still holding up...
  15. I guess this is what happens (and should happen) when you start undercutting the prices of your own distributor...