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  1. IMG_1391.jpg

    Killer piece from FW09. Tagged M, will fit 48 spot on. Material pretty much feels as wool but the fabric is such that the coat is weather resistant. Contrast collar (underside of collar is white). 8/10 condition: some pilling and a loose stitch in the lining but outer is fine.


    For quick reply, shoot me an email: [email protected]

    $600 Shipped.  btc accepted.  

  2. ^^ worst flop ever.

    I think the Heat are in a spot to win, esp with z German not 100% and the matrix hurt. Is he playing? He obviously is the mavs most athletic and defensive player. Terry needs to hit 6-9 from three point land tonight. Should be a classic.

    I also never thought id like Tyson Chandler or his game but he's completely changed my view. If he's a free agent, he's earned himself some nice coin with his performance.

    Go Mavs!

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