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  1. who cares what hedi/dior/whoever intends or wants, they're wrong.

    So you're saying that if you see a slim fitted Dior suit somewhere (worn by someone, runway, ad, whatever), and you go in to the suit and it doesn't fit the same and you want that fit, and they offer you complimentary tailoring, they're wrong to do so?

    But if you're saying that it's wrong to get it tailored just because that's how "it's meant to be" then yeah, you're right.

  2. Things on the runway are cut for the runway models. Sorry. Stock production pieces are cut usually in a different way than runway pieces. Sure, most of the looks on the runway even during hedis period didn't include sagged jeans, but that doesn't mean he didn't want them to be at all. In most interviews with him where he describes the concept of dior homme he describes it as "low rise slim fitting pants, and tight short tailored jackets" blah blah blah.

    A big reason why this is the case is because while the aesthetic is meant to be tight and slim, Hedi's tight and slim isn't the same tight and slim for say, me. A 5'8" person who is a size 46 isn't going to have the same fit as me, at 6'1".

    Sure, you can just say "well, Dior's look is very fitted, so all of the suits should be really fitted." But that doesn't make sense from a business stand point. It's why they have a tailor at the store. It's better to be able to sell 5 suits in the same size to five people with different tailoring needs and pay the salary of the tailor (who is working for the women's store anyway) then just make the suits fitted for a specific slim fit, and only be able to sell 2 because the arms or too tight, or the waist is too suppressed.

    And you're absolutely right about the jeans.

  3. Do you know how much they will go for?

    Upper double digits, or low $100's.

    I see. I might get one from you. But I'm not sure whether I should get size 46 or 48. Would it be possible to have it altered from dior store even if I buy from you?

    I live in NYC also.

    I'll take a picture for you tomorrow, but the suits are definitely slimmer in cut (and a slimmer lapel) than the suit I wear with 21cm pants.

  4. I currently have a black 19cm jean size 29. It's neither "baggy" nor thight... It was right before it started to stretch out. Should I go for a 27 or be safe with a 28?


    I like those. Are they dark blue or like... blue? Can you get them?


    Is this the most common unwashed model? If so are much do you sell them?

    Your want to get a size 28. The first pair are the mii raws, I can't get those. The second pair is the MIJ raws, which I sell, and are the most popular.

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