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  1. Just wanted to echo what's already been said several times over in this thread but Nikolay (DevilsDancer) is an awesome seller.  Just picked up an xpac 3a-5ts from him and he kept me updated on status of the package throughout shipping and even included a cool little magnet as a gift:



  2. Looking to buy a Stone Island Shadow Project liner jacket and was wondering if anyone can comment on the relative warmth of the SISP modular quilted liner jacket and/or the modular fleece lined jacket. 

  3. Just got my p10-e sz S in black and the fit is not for me.  Planning to return them back to ACR this weekend but since they're sold out if anyone wants them PM me.  Would prefer to deal with someone in the continental US if possible.

  4. Can anyone recommend some options for men's and women's hiking shoes/boots for light hiking?  Most common usage would be hiking in summer/autumn weather (including rainy climates) so would like them to have good traction and be waterproof/water resistant.  I've been browsing online but the number of options/brands is a bit overwhelming so just trying to narrow down the pool a bit.

  5. Sorry to clutter the thread but was wondering if anyone has seen the black/white achiiles lows in a sz 42 anywhere online (doesn't have to be on sale).  All the sites where I looked were sold out (or only carried the black/vintage lows) Thanks.

  6. I just received my order from the webstore (Voronoi pants in 30 and 32 and Module pants in 30 - all pairs are grey) but have decided to return everything. Since both pants appear to be either sold out or in short supply I figured I'd offer them to anyone here who wants them before I return them to Arcteryx.

    Cost to you would be what I actually paid for them ($437 (the $37 is the sales tax charged since I'm in Chicago)) plus actual shipping to you, net of any fees. Downside is no direct returns to the webstore but if the items are in returnable condition per the webstore's policies, I'm willing to take them back and issue a refund. PM me if you're interested.

    Sorry for the pricing (blame the City of Chicago) but I can just as easily return them for a full refund so this is really more for anyone that really wanted them but missed out. Otherwise, just check the webstore in a few weeks to see if these pop back up in inventory.

  7. I may be selling my stone island shadow project stealth trench (the longer one from a/w) in the near future. Figured I'd see if anyone here may be interested before I list it in the general marketplace. It's a Large and has never been worn.

  8. Any possibilities to identify an buy it?


    upd: SP3-S Etaproof raid BDU short pantPROOFâ„¢ RAID BDU SHORT PANT

    Does anyone know how these fit? I'm a sz Small in the p9-e pant but not sure if I would take the same size for previous seasons' pants/shorts.

  9. Just got my e-j23 and p9-e. I can already tell the p9-e are gonna become my new favorite pant. Never owned an acronym jacket before - can someone enlighten me as to what the velcro tabs mid sleeve and the fidlock clips on the inside are for?

  10. Can anyone comment on the fit of the p-9e pant? Can't seem to find any places stocking a Small and wondering if the Medium would be too big for a sz 30 waist.

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