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  1. Sorihiko and warehouse lee... sadly neither fit anymore
  2. cheapmuthafukr

    Recent Purchases

    Some amps
  3. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    By the tab and arcs, and the cut, I feel like they are pre-lawsuit era. Quality seems like standard Japanese repro. Back pocket rivets do have hollow center burrs, which is a little cheap compared to most. All in all tho, well worth the $50 I paid on eBay for them.
  4. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Button: world jeans international or international world jeans zipper: talon rivets: unmarked front, scovill u.s. inside red tab: circle r
  5. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Japanese Brands

  6. cheapmuthafukr

    waywt 2018

  7. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Link isn’t working...
  8. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Ok, this is the right thread... round up & co anyone?
  9. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Oh shit, this it the non Japanese brand thread... these jeans are definitely Japanese. Sorry.
  10. cheapmuthafukr

    who here is drunk?

  11. cheapmuthafukr

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    And also Dior GAT. It’s like I’m living my 2006 dreams.
  12. cheapmuthafukr

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    So, since the virus hit I’ve actually copped my first 19cm, and a bunch of undercover. I finally feel sufu
  13. cheapmuthafukr

    Mister Freedom

    Yeah, I can see that. I like em.
  14. cheapmuthafukr

    Thrift store finds

    2 pair of John lobb, $3 each
  15. cheapmuthafukr

    Shoes that look better with age...

    $6 worth of shoes that look better with age.
  16. cheapmuthafukr

    Mister Freedom

    Still my only piece of mr freedom... found on eBay cheap. I think maybe someone took the cargo pockets off, but I can’t find any evidence of them ever being there.
  17. cheapmuthafukr

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Lame shit... undercoverism, vans syndicate, Dior, rone, CdG shirt
  18. cheapmuthafukr

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    Still finding crazy stuff at thrift stores... recently was 2 pair of John lobb for $3 a piece
  19. cheapmuthafukr

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

    Being old. Not fitting into my jeans.
  20. cheapmuthafukr

    SupremeVirus+++++19CM, Vans

  21. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

  22. cheapmuthafukr

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Anyone know about roundup & co?
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