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  1. @jack. I wish I saw this earlier but zanibar on G between 7th and 8th is good. there's a few places but I forgot the names and I only know if I were downtown. if your spread somewhere else in this city it's kind of difficult to find decent coffee.

  2. 2 of your boxes had bottles break or 2 boxes coming to you had bottles break? (either way it sucks, just wondering)

    2 boxes i had sent out had a break.. the hess 1 year anno (first bottle run from brewery) neck broke.. and some extras in another i sent out broke... going to keep trading to a minimum this month. also, might try to make a trip up north next month to get framboise for a cure...

  3. for some reason, i have a bad feeling about the stone trade... dude put a lot of work into getting the beer and once i sent it out he hasn't messaged me about sending anything out. ugh...

    i like drinking local IPAs but like to venture out for wild/sour ales.

  4. @jon- yes it did! i was going to try and order another but i figure i can trade some stuff down the road for it.

    @walt- the only thing i did to offset the cost was throw some old stone stuff on auction which made up for all the shipping i incurred. i'm sure i've seen cascade around here but thought i'd clear out old stuff for new stuff. i've been tempted to get some of the upright stuff but i might hold out until my buddy gets back from portland.

  5. i didn't ask. i was stoked on the splinter and the CdC. i was offered a wild from bullfrog but most reviews said it was ok so i passed. i think i traded too much the past month. I'm still waiting on my upland lambics...i guess the guy who was offering the mule service got appendicitis. also waiting on surly 5, sang royal, cascade kriek, wild wild bret rouge.

    how often are you guys trading?

  6. The Cuir? It was just the regular.. the guy I was sitting next to had 4 bottles of the 100% bourbon barrel aged that he was trying to trade me but he was wanting too much for it in my opinion. I didn't really like the regular Cuir to begin with but the glass I got was free so I'm not complaining :o

    i picked up a bottle of the blend but haven't opened it. the person who picked it up thought they were buying 100%... was a little bummed when i got it after paying. i might just toss it on auction.

    has anyone had kern river citra? i see it's fetching bottles of Rare among others

    i've seen it on tap but i've always end up drinking alpine instead. next time i'll try it. i'm pretty sure i could have facilitated a similar trade with expo and got a rare. when knuckle sandwich was released i left town and was unable to get a few bottles.

    i think i might have finalized a trade for stone beer. looks like i might have a splinter blue, Cuvee de Castleton, and a Rosso E Marrone. does this sound worth it?

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