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  1. ok. so im moving to japan and so i thought i ought to take advantage of it. im considerably new to the denim game, i read plenty of articles on here, and i was wondering how to tell if the denim is good or not. other than selvage, what else should i be looking for. does the slubiness of the denim determine the quality. or should i just memorize a whole list of brands and buy by that. how can you tell that 45rpm pair is better than a lets say evisu pair. how do you know that evisu in japan is better than evisu in USA. is it just a solid fact, or can you actually tell which is better through personal observation. what im basically asking is what to look for when you buy an excellent piece of denim. have a nice day.

  2. 1. Primo. So consistent when it comes to ill beats.

    2. Pete Rock. wins by default.

    3. RZA. The first time i heard 36 chambers and cuban linx i was drooling.

    4. 9th Wonder. Ef Kanye. 9th is the future.

    5. Just Blaze. After hearing Breathe he has to get a spot.

    Honorable Mention: madlib, prince paul, *cough* Kanye *cough*, Dre, Large pro, hi-tek.

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