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  1. I think companies should support the boutiques that got them started in the first place is all

    I'm saying. Growth is inevitible(sic?) once a company hits the dept store they have to be carefull. A lot of companies don't sell their complete lines to them and let small shops carry more unique hard to find or limited product and I think everyone on this site agrees because you don't want some chump to stumble upon something in the dept store because that can kill a look or a style or a brand for that matter. It has happened too many times. Think of all the brands that lost their cache because they slutted themselves out and left their core customers behind completely. Then these companies get bought and 10yrs down the line it's reissued as a retro cool brand again, some pull this off well but most suck at it. As far as markup diesel is the same as everyone,no raping goin'on

  2. Just a note about diesel. My wife Has a womens shop and we carried it for about 5 yrs and they killed it but then they got all proud of their shit and had huge minimums for denim and then you had to carry their fashion line also with a huge min. not aloud to do just what you wanted and when they would intro ugly as hell lines you were stuck. If you did'nt carry fashion you don't get denim. They also started opening all their own stores and stopped opening boutique stores so to me they started becoming a franchise type company and lost a lot of their cool factor.

  3. As a shop owner and relatively new to SF I have found this site to be informative and funny as hell sometimes. I am always looking for the new small companies (Temple effectives for instance) the denim info is interesting but has'nt changed my buy for the shop because I know my customers and nobody is gonna rock APC in my town, but mostly I have a different market than what is mentioned on this site most of the time and I have a concept for my shop. I'd like to see more companies mentioned than Supreme,Bape and Nudie. I'll try and make more posts mentioning brands people might not have heard of in the future and hopefully more people will do the same to help out the little guys out there. Anyone know of QWST they are swiss I think and have some interesting stuff not available in the US yet but I might have some sent to sell, let me know what ya think

  4. I don't no about cache but DaKine has sick luggage for the $ check out the split convertible so you don't get hit w/the weight charge it splits to two bags. Burton has a couple options too the houndstooth print their using is the goods.

  5. Doom-

    The stink factor is definately less than the synthetics out there but 70 days? I have'nt

    tried that.

    I have been in the outdoor industry awhile and it's some of the nicest out there also

    check out Ibex if you dig wool

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