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  1. It wouldnt work too well, both guys need the ball in their hands to effective and dont play off the ball well.

    i think it would work. wade is put into the position to have the ball so much cause miamis PGs are whack and wade has to create everything for everyone else. reason why they brought in rafer.

    i was hoping chicago would pick BEasy back in the draft and Chi Town boys get paired up in Miami, but i guess you don't pass up on the hometown kid.

  2. I figured this would be the best place to ask:

    What shoes to buy for combo guard/forward? I feel like picking up a pair of hyperdunk/hyperize but I heard the lunar foam bottoms out like a mutha.

    Help a dude out.

    i think they implemented zoom air on the hyperize or at the very least the heel is, forefoot might still be lunarfoam.

    kobe 4 or 5s maybe?

  3. i think mmm shoes are very well made. they might look like they are 30 year old army sneakers but they are leather lined and construction is great. same goes to dress shoes. if you like the style, they are always worth it.

    and EEEXTREMELY comfortable (the army trainers)

  4. I talked to him last night. If you're referring to his response time, he has been slower than usual though, I am sure he's been pretty busy.

    i actually have no problem with his response time.

    i was talking to him last night too. its just that my emails sent to him are going through inconsistently. some of them goes through and half of them are undelivered as i get the post undelivered email sent to me. i'll try using my school email instead of doodoo hotmaill i guess.

  5. If you are talking about the Great Nando sale, Chelsea will lose to whatever City is willing to pay for him and Nando is a better and more consistent striker than Manny and Tevez. Chelsea was willing to pay anywhere from 40 to 60 million pounds for him. City can pay 100 million for Kaka so they can pay as high as that for Nando if they want to, although Nando don’t have the pedigree of Kaka.

    City can afford to pay Nando sky high wages. Chelsea got their wage structure and I think it will create tons of turmoil in Chelsea if Nando is paid too high. Many players like Willie G and Arjen left because Chelsea was unwilling to pay them high wages like Lamps, JT and Drogs. Nando always get groin injuries too so that may affect his transfer price although that could be due to insufficient rest given to him by Pool.

    If City makes it to Champs League next season, all the more attractive for Nando to join City.

    And don’t forget Stevie G could be on sale too.

    hahaha liverpool is soo fucked.

    just get rid of Rafa already.

  6. i honestly think HD makes a diff. maybe not a lot but it does.

    i agree it depends how on you play for the most part but for the tight spots like window sills, behind sand bags, long range etc, HD + widescreen shows you waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

    im decent on my CRT monitor but i was killing it at my friends with his 47" HD.

  7. if he's any smart, he would make like rick solomon and 'release' a sex tape of dizon and him. that oughta give him some nice lump of coins in his pocket.

    sex tape/scandal in asia is completely different than america.........he'll be dumb to release anything

  8. i personally would not get something that doesn't mean anything to me, but thats just me.

    i could careless what the other man/woman got on their skin. i'll have a slight thought in my mind looking at them and move on.

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