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  1. IMG_0857.JPG

    Peeling like a mofo... kinda gruesome looking. Loving the shiny stuff under though.

    i see that you're from TO, where in the city did you getyour work done?

  2. On the subject of tipping...

    Do some artists work a tip in to their price? The place I got mine done lists their price as $150/hour, but charged noticeably more than that. Also, there was no tip column on the receipt.

    so did you end up tipping ?

  3. I remember an article from nbadraft.net a few years back, when reke won the mickey ds all american game mvp. His game was described as having "too much junk" and he was not considered a first round prospect.

    guess calipari taught him well....

  4. Honestly, as a Toronto fan, I don't want them to make it. Even though we can play pretty well against the Cavs, they need more failure as a franchise.

    Considering that we've picked up Jermaine O'neal and Turkeyglue as supposed second best players in the last few years, I think we might need a new GM. Clearly Turkeyglue is past his prime.

    Bosh is extremely talented, but lacks the mentality that's required when you are the best player on your team. If he was on the same team as Wade, Durant, Kobe, Lebron, or Howard, that team would be a new Dynasty. I hope he leaves for that sake, because a top 5 player won't ever come to Toronto. I like him so it would be nice to see him win a ring at some point.

    Unfortunately he is too valuable to trade for anything acquirable at this point, it seems.

    Even with failures the team is not going to see much improvements cause MLPS know damn well the we will still support the team. They probably want to make the playoffs, 2 more games of playoff revenue and our pick is protected so we have nothing to lose. I also think Bosh leaving might be a blessing in disguise. Like you've mentioned he just ain't that guy, hes a good "Pau" paired with any of the aforementioned players. This put Bargs at the 4 and we can go out and find a defensive big that we lack.

  5. haha not surprised the aforementioned brother sharp made it on here.

    cheep you should post the picture of him in comparison to the runway. i would post it if i can find it but i can't seem to at the moment.

  6. either with skinnier or wider pants with an extreme taper would be better, they have exaggerated proportions so are wasted in an outfit in which this is not utilised.

    also the reason why they look so horrible on most people because the proportions are exaggerated too much in a bad way..............

  7. They earned their contract then got either lazy or "me first"

    NBA should have non guaranteed performance based contracts

    that's the nature of the business.

    not their fault the teams want to throw that kinda of offers around signing 5+ years contracts, and definitely not their fault the league pays premium on guys that can block shots (chandler, okafor, erika dampier, etc.),

  8. The NBA needs to do something about the draft. Teams that tank to increase their amount of lottery balls are despicable. I think it was Bill Simmons who wrote an article about two weeks ago stating how he would improve the NBA (playoff system, drafting system, and contracts). I think David Stern should seriously consider some of those alternatives or at least a variation of those ideas.

    If we got rid of those lotto balls and had the bottom dwellers compete for that number 1 draft spot, fans would be treated to more enjoyable basketball. I know this idea isn't bulletproof, but I'm sure someone can improve it.

    Since I only watch football and basketball, I'm praying that there will be no lockout next year. I hope the players become less selfish and just focus their love of basketball. I can't take seeing players like Okafor, Brand, T. Chandler, Hughes, Redd, Arenas, J. O'Neil, and Maggette making more than some of the more deserving players in the league.


    This is a great read. There are a lot of holes to his plans, but he raises some very good points.

    well to be fair, half of those guys you listed earned for their contract. brand and JO were 20 10 guys. arenas did his share of work to earn his. do they deserve it now? def. no but a contract is a contract. i can see half of those "deserving" players become one of them once they get their fat contract.

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