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  1. you can say the game was "evenly called" if by that you mean that there were equally bad calls against both teams. I would agree with that, I just think that when you're getting bad calls as a home team who's down 3-2 at home it feels a whole lot different... The Suns had a healthy cushion for most of the game, so a few bad calls don't hurt them nearly as much as they do the blazers when they're down 15... Again, I'm not saying that the bad calls won the game for the Suns, the Blazers let the suns get up early, I'm just saying it sure doesn't help...

    exactly, calls went both ways. there were couple fouls against frye and dudley that were horrible too. but thank you, at least we're on a tangent here in terms of Suns pretty much had it throughout the whole game.

  2. Danny Crawford is normally one of the more blazer-friendly refs in the league, and if you don't think he was trying to prove a point you're nuts. I'm not blaming the refs for the blazers losing, but it sure doesn't help when alvin gentry gets in crawford's ear until he gets the call he wants and then grabs his ass like they're playing on the same team...


    oh, and while we're on the topic of refs named Crawford:


    i just watched the game again on nbatv and i honestly felt the game was evenly called, like i said you can just nitpick that one incident from crawford and gentry.............also, i hope you watched the game on TNT instead of your local broadcast because the Blazers commentators are notorious homers in every way possible, up there with the celtic's tom heinhson

  3. jared dudley is a flopping smurf, for real.

    and as bummed as i am about the way that game turned out (danny crawford, i'm glaring at you) it's pretty incredible that this is the first time hill has gotten out of the first round, and I sort of feel for the dude.

    apparently frye was taking him to vegan bakeries around pdx yesterday, so whatever... oof.

    dont think you can blame the refs that much i know you're a portland fan and you'll come back with every nitpicking calls you can think of........you can point the finger at danny crawford all you want but it just came down to the Suns hitting big shots when they needed it.

    also don't think the suns will go far as j rich take them...........amare still havent had a huge game yet and i think he's still more important to them than J rich

  4. from the measurements i have seen the chest looks really small...

    you are correct, measurements seem smaller than it suggest IMO. shit is hard to gauge, definitely try them on if you have access to any of them.

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