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  1. read the past couple of pages. diddn't knew there was some sort of 'segregation' between foreign born chinese and local born chinese. haha. am from singapore. speak perfect english, but can't speak canto for nuts. except diu ley lo mo.

    anyway, any big events of sort happening late july? short trip, 4 days long. mainly to catch Arsenal in HK. heard it's gonna be hot as f*ck. also, heard that it is some sort of holiday over in china in late july? don't really wanna see a flock of chinese mainlanders in HK. enough of them in singapore.

    i think you'll handle the heat just fine if your coming from SG.......the heat over ther s a lot worse than HK is what i heard

  2. just want to chime in on the table thing in hk/china. its pretty much what it is but the chinese do love their drinking/dice games so its there also for that purpose. i actually quiet like the parties in china as oppose to hong kong because the venue are always bigger and there are diff rooms.

    landy: the members only club is all a front IMO to make them elusive. the only club that really stayed exclusive is D-I. all the others one you just need to pay the cover and youre in (the aforementioned; prive, volar, etc.) but yeah its nuts how much people blow on those membership and tables.

    p.s. anybody still in asia after the CNY aftermath?

  3. how's the partying over there mate? looking forward to checking out a club called babyface in a few weeks time when i land.

    my good mate has been over there for a few months now studying at an international school, and the guy has been ripping it up nearly every night. told me to bring my A game..

    good thing the guy im going with (who isn't big on shopping) booked us into Raddisson Blu in Nanjing Rd West. From the info in this thread, that is a good central location to base ourselves?

    pretty good location id say........im not sure if youve been to parties in HK but SH is mos def. better

    i went to Muse/m2 or something and it was pretty good.

  4. +1. ahahahhaa.

    to suprastar, i dunno. i've never really had an issue. just start talking and go from there. usually they enjoy the attention bc local hk guys aren't really that assertive. people just don't really go up to each other at clubs and start talking. a lot of times i'd see guys just dancing in a group with each other at clubs. lol. i think the preferred mode of how HK people meet are going to bars and playing the multitude of elaborate drinking games. with my local HK friends, they get confused that americans just go to bars to just talk. they're like what?! no games?! lol. drinking games are like a social lubricant there.

    compared to japan and thailand though, i think they're much more sexually repressed and a bit more conservative in some ways. just look at how awful HK's cantopop music is. it's either a song about missing someone, being in deep puppy love, or being broken up. and all the stars are all squeaky clean looking. but then on the flipside, the whole city is dotted with brothels, saunas, and massage parlours. so i just don't get it.

    they WIN! they succeed getting you into thinkin that! LOL its all a front IMO. HK girls are just as "crazy" but they just dont like to speak upon it...........i dont think theyre repressed per say and the LOCAL ones that venture to LKF are just probably as easy to catch. i emphasize that because i reckon that there's a lot of "bananas" at LKF. so yeah any girls going to LKF whether be local or bananas, i dont think you'll have a problem. like landy said, just be assertive because local guys won't be lol

  5. hey landy you been to beijing club? my mate who spent new years in hk went there and suggested i go..

    could do better elsewhere.

    suggestions? i don't have any but beijing gets so rammed to the pt. that you'll have a hard time maneuvering around....and i dont like that lol

  6. hey fellas,

    going to read through the thread again.. but hoping to get some quick answers..

    I'm coming to HK next month with 2 other mates, will be landing on the 30th. What's everyone doing for NYE? I saw that Hed Kandi is playing a gig somewhere, but what else is worth checking out? Im honky, but this will be my first time in HK for NYE. can't fking wait.

    Going on the theme of partying, what are some good clubs? I've been back to HK every year, but nearly always with family so I didn't really have time to let loose. Been to the usual LKF places but im sure most hongkinese hate that expat dump? We like all manner of music, but mostly old school hip hop and house for nights out.

    Suits. Where do you guys get your suits done? I've had a few suits done at a place near Trendy Zone in MK in the past, but looking to up the ante as I think I've developed better sense of suit styling and know exactly what i want now (as opposed to the tailor telling you). I know of Armoury and WW Chan, but I don't think I can afford their prices. Somewhere around the $500-700 price range will suit me (no pun int..). Probably going to get some shirts made at Ascot Chang though.

    Sight seeing. Got to fit a bit of this in for my mates who is going to HK for the first time. Planning to take them to the prerequisite places like Victoria Harbour and the Peak, what else?

    Shopping.. Obviously the main reason for me posting here.... I'll be looking to buy some nice outerwear and boots, since the next stop after HK for us is freeeezing Beijing and Shanghai. I've been looking online and I like brands like W+H, Engineered Garments, Canada Goose, WWM, Penfield, Pendleton, Norse Projects, Mark McNairy, Yuketen etc.. do you guys know of any places that stock that? I want to get at least a down vest and jacket..

    Food.. well there are some great suggestions in here already and I know of some places myself.. so thanks for that.

    Finally. thanks for reading and hope some of you can share your infinite wisdom and knowledge of the great city of HK :)

    most of the brands you listed are pretty over priced in hong kong. i think you're better off looking for wings online or at your local joint, but if you must to prepare for the north then you can find them at lane crawford. harvey nicoles also stock a lot of SuFu approved brands.

  7. thanks for the quick reply whats there to do now in HK? Any stuff that I must buy? and I am wondering where can I get seafood the best in HK with my family? I heard there is some seafood street or village thats abit outskirts, if its good Im willing to go there? Oh can you give a less vague reply?

    you might be talking about Lei Yue Mun I assume- that's one of many famous places for seafood in HK


    Enough selection there that you either have them prepare a set or you can pick and choose from the dealers there and select a restaurant to prepare your food. literally pick your own goods from tanks and tanks of seafood.

  8. I know you're from NYC but IMO Uniqlo did okay even with their "for US" stuff mixed with their JP stuff in the beginning. It's just natural progression that they're sunk in to the American market and took off. Sizing is still a little different too from garments i buy at the Soho store compared to their stores in Asia.

    Also, i think the price to quality ratio is still by far the best compared to all the other mass retailers out there.

    Of course it doesnt have the rep of quality in japan where quality is king but you have to understand what people are comparing it to relatively speaking. even in japan what would you compare them with, perhaps Muji? Muji doesn't have as big of a collection in terms of apparels.

    I think Uniqlo's only popular in the US because it fills what was a gap in the marketplace with their clothing. Gap, Old Navy, H&M, etc are huge retailers in the US, so they make clothing that generally fits the average US person, aka, wider/baggier in the middle. Uniqlo took off here once they started to ditch their "for US" stuff and imported their Japanese sized stuff, and then re-designed their US stuff based around that. Not to mention there weren't too many companies here that went the non-branded basics route aside from like AA, and I don't know which came first in the US. The average person doesn't care nearly enough about quality as some of y'all on here.

    Don't think the collection will be all that special, and not really digging it for a similar reason scitsilyts posted up there. Never really dug the +J line either though so maybe that's just personal bias.

  9. Price: SOLD - price includes everything none of that 4% PP fees non sense!

    As title states, got these during the first ever season from the Uniqlo/+J collection. They are brand new with tags just never got around to wearing them as they were a little too tight on me. Feel free to ask me any questions.


    Waist laid flat: 14.8"

    Rise: 10"

    Leg opening: 7.5"




  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342