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  1. what program are you in?!

    ive only been in u of t res while incredibly drunk, but it seemed nice - i have no idea what building it was though. ryerson res is very hit or miss, there are some very nice buildings and one or two dumps

    honestly u of t is a better university, which should be fairly obvious

    but i don't know what you're looking to get out of school. everyone i know at ryerson is happy with it, but some of them are real dummies; i know some people at u of t who hate it but they are generally all of above-average intelligence

    i like ryerson. i'm not dumb. but a lot of people i know at ryerson are there after dropping out of somewhere else, but that could also have to do with the fact that i'm 21 and in first year again, and have no interest in socializing with the average first year in my program. anyways, yeah, i'm typing this long pointless message instead of studying for the final i have tomorrow, woooo

  2. As title states I have 2 pairs of jeans/pants for sell.

    H&M grey jeans suitable for spring/summer

    new still with tags.

    size: 30/32 fits true

    price: 40



    next up

    black APC pants with new standard cut, very soft, again suitable for spring/summer

    washed a handful of times

    size: 32/32-33 ish these fits more small, more like 30-31

    price: 50



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