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  1. It was solid, nothing special but then he busted out his bass and started laying down some freestyle slaps that were quite impressive and funky fresh.


    lol kinda glad to hear since i was bummed out that i missed it........did you go check out j rocc at the kee last week?

  2. Thanks Sugar, pause, I'll check out Take5



    Flynits were like 1200ish HKD, Lunars ranged from 600-1000HKD, Frees were 500-1000HKD depending on which model and style.   Didnt see the lunar flynits out yet so dont know on that.

    It seemed anything but flynits you can find at a less official store for cheaper than retail.


    If you happen to find the Lunarglide 5 Camo in Grey/blue sz12, I will pay you well, I spent 3 hours searching before.  



    next to impossible to find 12s here lol

  3. Thanks.  Popped in to take a look on my last day there.  Choice of Philip B, Bumble and Bumble, Rahua, in terms of styling products.  The rest were haircare products.


    The haircut salon/barbershop is actually Gentlemen's Tonic.  They had a bunch of shaving products.  They have a small selection of hair products:



    Didn't find anything else while I was there.  What is everyone using/getting their stuff?


    On a side note, retail seems to have grown exponentially since my my last visit 4 years ago.  EEeerbody spending (probably not locals).  It was almost disturbing to see almost everything turn into a Vegas type mall.


    80% shoppers on Canton Road (flagship stores on the Kowloon side) are tourist from the mainland, its insane.

  4. i actually get more air moc and sock dart/racer type vibes from the qasa, tho. i think that sole was what drew all the roshe comparisons.

    nm roshe seems to be reactionary to the qasa but who's to say? also the standard roshe runs look terrible on some people i swear to god. saw some guy with awkward-ass gait wearing the fb pair today. looked terrible; potato sacks on his feet plus the way he walked wore the soles in terribly


    i agree. seems like some people don't buy roshes in the right size or they just dont look good in them. potato sacks or banana feet LOL

  5. Heading to HK late January (last two weeks), which I hear is prime time for sales. Looking for mostly RO/Devoa/Julius etc etc, any recs? And what can I expect in terms of sales? My list is super outdated so I could use some help. Last time I was in HK was 2008. 


    All i remember is: 






    Lane Crawford @ IFC


    I've heard of outlets for a lot of these shops that stock the brands I'm looking for, but can't really find any more info on them. 


    Bar recs would be helpful too, preferably a younger crowd (early 20's or 30's), and less touristy. 



  6. Looking for a decent black parka, and a nice wool overcoat, any suggestions?

    Saw some stuff that I MAY have liked at Journal Standard but seems overpriced.


    Ideas please! haven't gone shopping in awhile..


    are you travelling or staying in HK for the most part during outerwear season? if you can wait till CNY (end of jan) you'll find some deals, it really doesn't get too cold out here..........

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