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  1. Hi, just cleaning my closet and found these shoes. They have only been tried on and I just couldnt pull it off so they went right back into the box. They are a snug 9. For reference I wear 42 in CP and 8.5 in Chucks. Comes with all that jazz, foam insert, dustbag, keychain, and extra pair of thick laces. They're from 2 to 3 seasons ago, I don't think Visvim produces the Buckminster anymore.

    The market has been slow lately but I'll give it a shot before I go the eBay route.

    Askign for SOLD within North America shipped Double boxed! International I would need some info first to get a shipping quote.

    With flash


    Without flash





  2. Similar to the infamous slash neck sweater, this is the V neck version.

    Brand new with tags! Couldn't find the slash neck so I settled for this. The fishnet/mesh is stil in perfect condition. If you don't know already, this piece is suppose to rip as you wear it.

    This is more of an interest check, and I'm asking for 250 shipped.

    If it doesn't sell I'll just keep it.




  3. Hi, got this Spruce Hoodie for sell. Rare piece from 3 years ago? Sad to let it go as it is one of my favourite piece ever. The combination of being too big and in need of money is the reason why im selling.

    It's been worn a handful of times and washed as well. Still in excellent condition and quality as you'd expect from spruce/w+h. Long cuff and long hem.

    Asking for 80 plus shipping.




  4. First off is a Wing & Horns M65 Jacket in Medium. Jacket is really thick and heavy.

    - Lined body and silk lined sleeves

    - Slanted sleeve opening

    - All that M65 jazz with a Wings & Horns twist

    - Heavy Riri M8 Dual Zip

    - Removable rabbit fur collar

    - Ajustable waist tie

    Jacket is Brand New. I did not get it from the sample sale, I got it from a forum member a while back and never wore it as it was too long for my taste. Otherwise the jacket fits really slim and fitted. Retailed for over $500. SOLD


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