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  1. Got it, didnt work out so I'm selling this to get the funds in search of a 48. Excellent condition.

    Size: 50 but like every other seller/owner would describe it, it fits a size smaller or more in between a 48-50.

    Price: gonezo

    Let me know if you have anymore questions!

    With flash


    Without flash


    Fit pic courtesy of Blackbird


  2. have both.

    ps3 is collecting dust.

    if you're so concerned with paying for XBL which often times can be purchased for 30 then go mod your 360.

    MS has been cool with the replacemnt on RROD the one time that i had to get it replaced.

  3. anybody selling or know where i can still get a chunky knit cardigan in 46 or 48 from last season?

    the f/w 08 thread is dead so didnt want to revive it and thought it's better to ask here then start a new WTB in the ever clustered supermarket.

  4. Anyone see the headz outside of stolen riches? lawn chairs and all? what kinda swag is comming out? I saw them there at like 6 in the morning.

    also the new klaxon howel looks great

    yeezy im assuming ?

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