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  1. Pretty good quality for the price. The denim jackets and jeans are by far the highlights of the collection, but overall, it's really not that bad. And at least you aren't paying RG pricepoints for anything.

    how does the mod coat fit?

    the fit from the model on bloomingdale doesnt seem too flattering, but the official RG shoot looked amazing.

  2. RK Hoodie. Pretty heavy for a hoodie because its essentially two hoodies sewn together. tagged L but fits more like M becasue of that same reason. Pre-distressed, soft and warm! Real silver zipper chain, no kidding. bad ass hoodie that I just dont wear enough anymore for me to keep it.

    Looking for 140 shipped.




  3. tapioca (boba?) is the shit! lol

    my friend used to work at a tea shop joint and i got him to give me extra tapioca, think 1/3 of a cup or half hahahah that shit was crazy.

    now that hes gone i dont drink those stuff that much anymore, knowing how cheap it is to make those and how much they charge you makes you feel jipped LOLOL

  4. Cool, thanks for the quick responses. Do these places carry much in the way of large sizes? Might being 6'4" be to my advantage in shopping the warehouses, or am I gonna be shit-out-of-luck everywhere?

    never been to the warehouses in AP LAI CHAU so can't really contribute anything on that part but being 6"4, thats giant status in hk standard,

    might be hard looking for shoes.......

  5. I actually ordered some powders & boba from that same site a while ago and it turned out pretty well. Didn't try the regular black milk tea powder, but the taro, green tea, and coffee were definitely good. I thought the taste was incredibly similar to what you'd get at any bubble tea vendor in n. america. I usually like to use around half water half milk to make it a little creamier. Tell us what you think when it arrives

    i stand corrected, cause the lipton ones that i've tried before were shit.

  6. Are krane bags good? Like how do they compare to other labels?

    Thanks, never seen one in person before.

    from what i've read, think filson.

    also, they started out as a luggage/baggage label.....

  7. the "item" seem soo mysterious from reading your post hahah may i ask what is said "item" ?

    and zebby is the owner.

    The item I want isnt on sale, never has and they say it never will, so that's why I asked......

    Weird thing is I already bought one there and got a nice albeit modest discount just by asking the guy that helped me out eventhough it wasnt on sale.

    But about a month later when I wanted to get the same item in a different color they said no discount, was a different guy though and I didnt wanna be a dick about it so I never mentioned the previous discount I got,,,, so then I just asked if it would ever go on sale and got another resounding NO, just weird imo, since the first one I got is actually harder to get then the ones I want now, I was actually expecting to get a better discount on these second ones and turns out I get nothing ;-(

    btw- Who's Zeb??? and thanks for the reply.....

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